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    Five things that a real estate agent won’t tell you

    “Now is not the time to buy…”

    “I don’t like that neighborhood, it’s not safe…”

    “Go ahead, use your lender and not mine…”

    “I don’t have a buyer for your home…”

    “I would not buy this home…”

    These are the five things you will probably never hear come out of a real estate agent’s mouth.Santa Clarita real estate questions Having to do with buying or selling real estate. As an aside, some cannot be uttered, unless you have it “that way” with your Realtor.

    Coming from a law enforcement background helps me want serve more than most agents want to close. That, in turn, helps my clients in the long run.

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    Let me break down these five topics into smaller pieces.

    “Now is not the time to buy…”

    I suppose this is classic sales 101 training. Never tell the client that now is not the time to buy. My personal philosophy, you will have more business from “this client”, by their referrals, if you just give them the truth. As a matter of fact, when you tell someone to wait and not to buy, it puts the agent-client relationship in concrete!

    In some real estate markets, the writing’s on the wall. A person can tell where things may be headed, at least by paying slight attention.

    Most agents won’t tell you this. The same goes to service providers and salespeople in other fields than in real estate, most will not tell you to “stop – don’t do it”, when it doesn’t pay.

    “I don’t like that neighborhood, it’s not safe…”

    This one is a loaded gun a double edged sword. In real estate, this statement would be considered steering. Making someone do something because of a personal or hidden agenda. A real estate agent is prohibited from making statements like this.

    However, I tell my clients to do their investigations. Knock on the doors of the neighbors homes. Consult the local law enforcement officials. Check out the sexual predator database and online crime systems. Then recon the neighborhood at night and on weekends during the first few days of escrow.

    “Go ahead, use your lender and not mine…”

    I never want to be the cause of someone losing business. I am all for a real estate client I have using their “own lender”. However, if that lender is running a game on my client, I will let my client know and give them another option.

    Most agents feel a particular loyalty to the lenders who they know that will get the job done. I get that. However, some relationships are deeper between client and lender than between the lender and realtor. Be that as it may – double check the agent’s intention when your real estate agent is insisting for you to use their lender and to dump your own.

    “I don’t have a buyer for your home…”

    Real Estate agents call from number lists and leads captured by real estate syndication websites. Real Estate agents knock on doors to solicit business. The pitch after you answer your door will never be, “I don’t have a buyer for your home…” – It’s always, “I have a buyer for your home.”.

    If you are considering selling, and you have a real estate agent stating they have a buyer for your home, standing at your front door, ask them “who?”

    Then say to the agent, “make me an offer.” This will put the agent, with this “old as sliced bread” pitch, back on his heels.

    Almost 99% of real estate sellers want to ensure their home has been advertised and marketed to all people possible. To cut out other potential real estate buyers exposure to their home, in order to accept a buyer pitched by a realtor who is out door knocking, will cause that home seller to potentially lose money.  It’s not smart business, in most cases.

    “I would not buy this home…”

    I have said this. Paris has said this. The larger picture should always win. The reasons why we have made this statement to our real estate buyers had to do with their safety and protection.

    Mold was one of the issues where I could not let my clients proceed. There was too much visible to the naked, untrained eye. In one of the scenarios, it was the “tip of the iceberg”. My suggestion is they do not proceed because it was per the Seller’s Agent, the seller would not be doing any repairs, remediation or paying for anything, “The home is SOLD AS IS!” – per the confidential agent remarks in the MLS. There is no need for a buyer to proceed when the seller is unwilling to be of any kind of assistance.

    At the end of the day, I want our clients to be happy with what they have bought, or not bought 🙂 – I want our real estate buyers to call me up to let me know when the party is going to be celebrating their home purchase. I don’t want the calls having to do with something I may have dropped the ball on.

    How I approach real estate…

    I always ask myself the question. What if this was my home that I was going to be selling? What changes would I make to it to get top dollar? How would I advertise and market my own home? What would I price my home at – what is the best strategy given the current real estate market conditions?

    When working with a real estate buyer, the question that I ask is, “Would I buy this home(condo or townhome – whatever fits)?” How is the value? Will I be able to sell this home in the future, barring any market correction or depressed real estate cycle? How will any future changes to the residence by the new owner make the home more valuable? And will there be a substantial return on those investments into the subject property?

    So Many questions I ask myself when representing a real estate clients. They are necessary to provide the best real estate service possible to my clients.

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    Paris and Connor MacIvor

    Connor and Paris MacIvor are in the Top 1% of Realtors Nationwide, starting their real estate business in 1998 with RE/MAX Gateway - Santa Clarita Valley and Valencia CA. Their becoming licensed real estate consultants and representatives came from the horrible experience they had when they bought their first home. There were many things that the agent they had hired did not explain and disclose, which per law he should have. Getting that agent on the phone after they closed escrow and after he had gotten paid was impossible. Paris and Connor called the broker, the board of realtors, the office manager and all they received was the promise of a phone call back. The remedy did come, but not as fast and in the way they wanted. That act - that bad agent was the reason why Paris and Connor became Realtors. That was all they needed to vow to never let the same fate befall anyone else, that befell them. Today Connor and Paris are focused on client service. Protection and top-shelf service with regard to their real estate clientele. They primarily work within the Santa Clarita Valley and Valencia CA. However, for a referral, where 80+ of their business is referrals they have License and Will Travel to other parts of Ventura County, Los Angeles County, and Orange County to handle real estate transactions for those who trust their real estate operation. Writing on their Real Estate Blog is a passion. SCVnest.com/blog is where you will find over 10,000 real estate articles. Go to SCVnest.com/radio to listen to their latest real estate radio broadcast.

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