The first post on a Mac for our Santa Clarita real estate blog

    Connors REMAX real estate officeBesides the copy, paste and double clicking being different, I think we have made the best decision we had since our wanting to enter the real estate representation game.

    This is by far the fastest and most fluid method of listing advertisement, blog writing and podcast/radio/video management.

    The only thing that I miss is my Camtasia software that I apparently have to “rebuy” because the licenses are only good for one type of computer system.

    That will have to wait, but will give me a chance to learn iMovie and some of the other software that accompanies the Apple OS.

    I also forgot to mention the finger swiping capable mouse.  I know I can turn this feature off and on, it will take some getting used to because I think it is very helpful.  That is unless I do again what I just did and moved from this screen to the page this tab was on before, having to re-write some content 🙂

    When we started in real estate, there was not very many options when it came to computers. We started with a 286 processor on a IBM machine, remember those?

    Now there is a new apple computer that is shaped like a cylinder with 12 cores – OMG….  Geek-Gasm – that is not what I’m using today.  We transitioned to iMac’s.

    Not the top – but just under the top. The on screen real estate trumps my four 21 inch monitor set up in my office.  It is not only different, but seems to save my neck from having to move around and the width of the apple screen is awesome.

    We will continue to work on these systems, keeping our Santa Clarita real estate sellers and buyers up to date with the latest in happenings on our Santa Clarita Daily show.

    If you want to get to future episodes of our Daily Show, Just type in the word “daily” into the macBoX at the Top Santa Clarita real estate website.

    On today’s Santa Clarita Realty Podcast I spoke about, with a cloak and dagger approach, not being able to inform the “average listener” about the current real estate listings on the market, due to rules that are in place.

    However, the work around is that you need to be one of our subscribers, we then have a relationship, and I can speak a bit more freely.  The same exists with our real estate clients.  If they see a home that is priced too high – my team tells them and shows them by providing them the factual data.

    If we show our clients a real estate listing that is priced under the fair market value, we are able to inform them of that as well.  Of course backing up our words with actual and factual real estate listing data and comparable sold homes.

    If you want access to the “relational market updates”, we have placed that “subscription box below…”

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