Firing real estate agents and starting anew

    paris911 Team Paris MacIvorI think everyone deserves a second chance.  I’m not just saying that because I’m a Realtor 🙂

    When it’s time to Fire your Real Estate Agent, depending on the “sin committed”, maybe it would be worth a “clearing of the air”, for old times sake?

    However, I think there are certain mistakes/errors/deceit, that cannot/should not, be given a second chance.

    Real Estate Agents Lying – This one can cause huge problems with regard to making a purchase of hundreds of thousands of dollars or more!!!  Wanting to sell and getting lied to by your Realtor, that is just as bad.

    Realtors Fabricating stories – Being told a home is available for sale, when it’s not. Typically, this would not have its origin from the agent you have built a relationship with. This typically is obtained via a recently advertised home you have found on-line, in a magazine or elsewhere.  Open Houses that are being held at a home that is in escrow would also qualify.

    Realty Representatives Not Disclosing – Let’s say that the agent as a “special relationship” with the seller. Let’s also say that agent knew that there was something rotten in Denmark, with regard to the home they were selling, and did not disclose it to you as the buyer. That’s what happened to Paris and I when we bought our first home.

    These are only a few of the reasons why I’d fire my realtor. In fact, if we were able to go back to when we bought our first home, the writing was on the proverbial wall, but I was too young to see it.

    Today, a whole different animal exists. We meet with clients that have been referred to other real estate agents quite often. Multiple times a week. Similar complaints are typically talked about:

    • Unresponsive – “They didn’t call me back.”
    • Unavailable – “The Housing Agent could not show me the new real estate listings, while they were new!”
    • No Patience – “The Real estate sales person never took the time to explain to me how “real estate” works.”
    • Not Local – “The Realtor said not being located here did not matter, but I know it does.”
    • Non working –The agent expected me to do all the searching and let them know when I found something.”

    I really think that the “team concept” is something that most agents are going to start embracing, as we do having formulated our Paris911 Team of REMAX Agents.

    However, the way in which a team is operated is going to be equally important. If they have a “bistro type mindset”, where everyone helps out, no matter if there is any “direct money” in it for them, that would be very advantageous.

    Be safe – search well and we will talk to you soon about what Real Estate needs you may have.

    Also, if you have a real estate agent and if you have a disagreement with that agent, as long as it’s not a “blackness of heart” issue, try and clear the air.

    However, if they cannot amend their qualities/service to serve you in the way you desire, Implement “Emergency Realtor Swap Plan B!”


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