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    • For the fifth time since Monday, we had the question asked, How to Hire a Realtor

    For the fifth time since Monday, we had the question asked, How to Hire a Realtor

    Real Estate seller hiring a real estate agentSo, I thought I’d give you the intel necessary to hiring the BEST Realtor or BEST real estate agent.

    When it comes to buying or selling a home, you need a professional.  But, how can you separate the wheat from the chaff?

    While Google is not “all knowing”, they are pretty accurate when it comes to online inquiries. In fact, they have built their entire business around wanting to give the best search results that don’t have most people venturing past page 1. And I’d say, at this point in the search results game, they are the BEST.

    There are a couple of different areas on Google that you can and should look when it comes to getting the answer to how to hire a Realtor or Real Estate Agent.

    In the Top of the Google results and down the right side (if on a desktop, laptop or notebook), you will see the sponsored results. If you are looking from a smaller rendering mobile device – that will be at the top and bottom of the Search Engine Results Page(SERP).

    These are the places that people pay for. And in the Case of the search phrase, Santa Clarita Real Estate – it’s about $3.00 bucks a click.

    Crazy, some might say, however, when some don’t venture down the page to, as stated, “Separate the wheat from the chaff”, those are not bad odds.

    However, the price of admission to getting in those spots on Google is money.

    Authority is what it takes to get into the locations below the “local business pages”. Moving down the page, just under the “Sponsored Results” at the top, you will see Google’s Famed 7 pack.  It used to only have 7 spots(this still appears to be the case), and the businesses placed there had to be verified.  I still believe this also to be the case today.

    However, some of the businesses are mis-categorized. When doing a real estate search, you are going to see – Home inspectors, Veterinary Hospitals, Appraisal Services, Houses of Design, etc. (I searched for:  Santa Clarita Realtors)

    When you search, do you notice how the phrase starts to guess at what you intend to type before you type it?  That’s called Google’s intuitive search. They base this algorithm on how they see people searching for what you are possibly typing.

    Below the “7 Pack”, you will then see the “meat”.  The Organic Search Results. Placement in this location is by “Authority”.  Which, according to Google has the Paris911 Team close to the top.

    “Now that’s what I’m talking about…” Google your city followed by the word Realtor, see who comes up, set the appointments and interview at least 3 agents, whether buying or selling.

    Make sure you don’t get tied up in giving up your personal and private information to a review site or a real estate syndication website. It will be sold to more than one real estate agent and your phone won’t stop ringing off of the hook.


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