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    • February 5, 2013 – If you are not getting these reports, you may as well admit yourself to a Turkish Prison

    February 5, 2013 – If you are not getting these reports, you may as well admit yourself to a Turkish Prison

    Maybe a Turkish Prison is a bit too harsh – but I think it drives the point home of needing to know where a real estate market is before jumping in with both feet.  Maybe dipping your toe into the water first – just to make sure you are not jumping into Real Estate with both feet without the proper Intel.

    We polished off the Santa Clarita Valley real estate market updates for the preceding week.  Your access point is by heading over to the MacBoX on our main real estate in Santa Clarita website and typing into it the words “Market update”.  When you do, without the quotes of course, you will be taken to the Condo / Town-home pages with their respective PDF’s with the total intel for each of the cities within the Santa Clarita Valley.

    You will also see the Santa Clarita Valley Single Family Residences reports in PDF format as well.  With each of the reports you will be able to gather the following data:

    • Median list price – current by specific Santa Clarita Valley city
    • Asking price per square foot within each independent city of the SCVFind a trusted resource
    • Days on Market – or DOM – rendering how long properties are on the market before they are sold
    • We also cover the percent of properties that have had price Decreases on them in the Santa Clarita valley cities
    • Re-listed properties – those that have had their DOM’s reset to Zero – starting fresh with a new listing contract
    • We categorize the percentage of homes, condo, and town-homes that have had their prices increased between recent previous sale and being newly on the market – Rendering as a percentage as Flipped
    • Within our PDF reports for the Santa Clarita Housing market we also speak about the average size of home, the average square footage of the lot, numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms

    When we compile the data – our reports also indicate the following “changes” of lack there of within the Santa Clarita real estate market:

    • We could have a rendering of “no change” within the preceding week as compared with the week before
    • A Strong upward trend within the Santa Clarita housing world is depicted by two upward facing arrows
    • when we have a strong downward trend in real estate prices – that is indicated by two down facing arrows
    • Slight upward trends are depicted by a single facing Up Arrow
    • When we have a slight downward trend in the Santa Clarita real estate world – that is shown by a single down-facing arrow

    As you can see our Santa Clarita real estate and market reports – that are compiled weekly – are chalked full of real estate data that gives our clients a very sharp edge when compared with others that are searching within the real estate realm.

    We have a way in which you can get the weekly reports emailed to you as well.  Head over to the main Santa Clarita real estate website and type into the MacBoX the word “Reports” without the quotes – that way you will be able to see the maps, choose your poison(report) and be on your way to getting “more about the local Santa Clarita market” than most agents that are representing buyers and sellers of homes.

    Final Note – unrelated – We are going to have our Grand Opening of our newest Santa Clarita Valley resource – located on-line at Santa Clarita Valley dot org.  You will be able to use our “Santa Clarita resource locator” to find what you are looking for within the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

    Each of the cities are rendering and you can find Restaurants in SCV – local businesses – Starbucks locations with Wi-Fi.  Search for places to Worship and locations to shop for your favorite items. – Just type those terms into the “custom search” bar as you are viewing.


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