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REMAX of Santa Clarita by Connor macivorWhen it comes to searching for homes and real estate, we have spoken about it a lot. However, today I’m going to go live on Facebook to tell our SOI what is going on the state of online home search.

There are a lot of games being played by those whom are monetizing real estate search online. They are making money by getting the searcher to give up personal information.

In doing so, agents get the searcher’s personal and private information and the real estate syndication company gets money from the agent.

It could be a percentage of the agent’s commission, or it could be more in the way of paying per lead or group of leads. Some of the real estate syndication sites guarantee numbers of views per month per zip code.

If those “views” convert into giving up who they are, that information is passed along to the real estate agent who is paying for that lead within their particular zip code and no further payment is necessary.

Some agents spend thousands of dollars a month on buying real estate leads from the major real estate syndication companies. The change in the world is those who are searching becoming more focused and selecting their own local real estate agent who will have a more accurate and update home search system. AKA the Multiple Listing Service, MLS.

Before you start thinking that your personal and private information is only going to a single real estate agent or multiple real estate agents, think again. Other vendors are paying for your information, search habits, locations, search history and other qualitative information.

The fact of the matter is this.

There is only one police mechanism in place when it comes to the online real estate websites, it is you.

Tip Recap for online searching for homes – know this

Some of their listings appear as if they are for sale, when they are not. Your personal information is going to be sold to a real estate agent. If you search on your own real estate agents website, your personal information will never be let out of their grasp. If you see a listing on any other website, send it to your real estate agent and let them do the recon for you.


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