EP 1 – Home Safety Reports – Being more aware of surroundings

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    Speaker 1: 00:00 Good to everybody because of technical difficulties this is time Number four we’re going to be recording this.

    Good day, Connor MacGuyver Remax’s Paris911 Team your local realtor headquartered in Santa Clarita serving Greater Los Angeles cities and counties and I will tell you that today we’re going to start a different type of a series. It’s not going to be so much about real estate or What’s going on in the market. Buyers and sellers but basically personal protection and also how you can protect your assets from those criminals out there.

    Speaker 2: 00:34 Lurking to try to take what you’ve worked very hard to get. So

    Speaker 1: 00:38 we’re going to get into that. My background with Los Angeles Police Department, Of course, you can ask around worked with a lot of the senior lead officers there in Los Angeles. And I was part of a traffic complaint and so we were in attendance at all those community meetings where people were irritated because houses were being broken into cars broken into and there were some tips and tricks I give you that will help try to keep those personal items of your safe and also keep you safe from harm. Today show’s going to be more of an overview of sorts talking about how this radio series is going to unfold in addition to that you can find all the episodes that housing radio dot com. But what I will do is I’m going to upload these audio files these independent radio shows up to a playlist on youtube so you could also find those YouTube dot com forward last s see the movies YouTube dot com forward slash SCV moves. youtube.com/scvmoves

    Speaker 1: 01:32 I’ll build a playlist their personal safety band home protection and that should give you all the shows that we put together and some kind of a sequential order.

    Speaker 3: 01:42 Today’s gonna be an overview of sorts about what goes on and maybe by this overview especially with the holidays because you’ve got a lot of criminals out there looking to prey on people good people such as yourselves that have worked hard all year trying to save a little bit of cash so you get out there and they can buy themselves or their families or whatever they have and tell those people that are closest to them. Gifts for Christmas and they’re preying on people in parking lots they’re setting people up there working in numbers. I want you to be careful Sorg gonna give a little bit of an overview kind of a Haymore of a holiday show and then we’ll get back into the personal protection being more where we’ll talk about the residential real estate. Not from me trying to represent you as a buyer-seller but how you can best protect yourself.

    Speaker 2: 02:30 With regard to the asset that you own your condo, townhomes or single family residence. There are tips and tricks all the way from you know outside illumination to cameras to locks in the way what the processes are that we’re going to be implementing. Well, I went through to implement to best protect you. Now at the end of the day somebody wants to get in they’re going to get in our focus and I’ve learned that a lot of years in the police service our focus is going to be the delay of that person getting in. So you can prepare and we’re responding units can get there so they can catch this person before they get inside and do you harm. That’s the trick. So whatever process we put to either trip them up or delay them kind of think Home Alone But Not really.

    Speaker 2: 03:16 And then what we can do on the exterior of the home to best baby say that you know what I want to rob this place but are burglarized. But I’m not feeling real good about it just because maybe there are too many lights there are way too many cameras. Looks like they really care about this house. It looks like there’s always somebody home there are always lights on in sight. Different lights. That’s something that criminals actually look for. Usually, they’re not going to go in drunk and just bust into a house. They’re going to plan it out and you’d be surprised. We’ve talked to a lot of these serial burglars people that burglarize homes over the years people that we put in jail and come to find out they do quite a bit of homework. Depending on the location and what they’re looking.

    Speaker 2: 03:59 Usually those momentary people the people that just jump and just hit it right away those are going to be are more burglary for motor vehicles walking by. They’re looking for stuff in cars. But that’s going to be a little bit more spontaneous because they haven’t followed that particular vehicle for the most part. If it’s a Bugatti maybe a Rolls Royce maybe but for the most part if it’s broken in on a street with maybe a high influx of rentals maybe around as large common apartment complexes where sheriffs are PD are very active. More than likely that’s going to be more of a spontaneous saying maybe somebody addicted to something walking by and they look in the window and they see something they might be able to sell. They do that. We’ll talk about all of that. But this is going to be more of a holiday rendition. So let’s get into this.

    Speaker 4: 04:47 A lot of times people in supermarkets. Criminals will start there depending on what their motives are but what they’ll do is they’ll do something called shoulder surfing. They will look into your wallet and potentially Maybe strike up a conversation about some of the items they saw. They have very good memories so they’re going to remember maybe they see a soccer picture with a child of yours or maybe you’re in an older age range so they assume that child happens to be maybe a grandchild and they talk about it and they have a lot to say and then you get comfortable with it maybe that time they have your Address memorized. Maybe they kind of follow you home to see what you have and start watching you. Sometimes that’s where it starts. So in the supermarket, I’ll say stay away from people. Don’t let anybody get too close were they able to see your wallet as you open it up and pull out whatever forms of identification you’re going to use or even credit cards because they can also scam you there.

    Speaker 4: 05:44 So watch out for that just in supermarkets whenever you’re shopping and it’s difficult sometimes but hide your stuff.

    Speaker 5: 05:50 Don’t be ashamed don’t be ashamed to cover the keypad when you’re punching stuff into it. Don’t be ashamed to hide your signature. Don’t be ashamed. People that’s not weird. People think that’s weird or they’re causing some kind of harm to the person behind them because of the person’s they think the person’s thinking oh my gosh what a paranoid weirdo. Why why are they doing this. I’m not here to rob anybody or steal anything. Well, don’t worry about what other people think. You’ve got to protect your stuff. And believe it or not, some of the best dressed best looking most wonderful people are that criminal element that we’re trying to protect you from. And you want to keep that protection and that space. So just think bubble space thing. You know distance and do your best to stay to keep your stuff hidden as you’re typing it in.

    Speaker 5: 06:38 Now that’s supermarket type stuff and that’s what happens a lot. Gas stations here something else there’s a lot of people that are building these credit card skimmers. So the gas pump when you’re out there and you’re putting in your credit card pulling out that device before you do that grab onto it and give it a little pull the credit card scalping machine is going to fit right over the existing portal and it’s going to record your card information. The other thing is you want to look at the gas pump as well but give that a little tug. You’ll be surprised if it comes off that that’s when you want to call the sheriff’s department and notify the gas station that there’s a skimmer on this machine. All those people that came before you they’ve got their credit card information stolen.

    Speaker 5: 07:25 They can be notified to shut down those credit cards before you know they get tens of thousands of dollars charged to them. So this is something else to look for and you can you can google it credit card skimmers on gas pumps. That should give you some feedback. But that stuff does come up and the skimmers are very small they’re very clever even when I go to a Costco gas or wherever I happen to be I do grab on to that we put the credit card in those two little handles there that they look like the one on the top and the bottom of the credit card that surrounded. I give a little poll. Same with ATF machines. Give them a little poll as well. They will do this. These bad guys heavy scammers and they’re very effective and they will take your personal information.

    Speaker 5: 08:03 They’ll use it against you. Overview on your street wherever you live don’t be in such a hurry. I was telling my son kind of a different kind of a story yesterday I’m at a large major intersection and the light turned green and II went but I didn’t go fast. I didn’t like jump out there because I got to hurry to get somewhere and if I would have I would have been t bone by a vehicle the blew the red light about 60 miles an hour. So he was maybe two or three feet in front of my car when he went whizzing by at 60 65 miles an hour. So it’s very close. But if anybody next to me would have been jumping out as well when that light turned green.

    Speaker 5: 08:45 Asking acting like it’s you’re on a drag strip. You know don’t don’t do it. Punching it. We would have been in bad bad shape. I tried to tell him when he gets home. Don’t be in such a hurry to get out of your car. Take a second sit in your car just have a look.

    Speaker 6: 09:02 See what’s going on around you see what’s going on over on over Troy’s house and Melanie and so on. Just give it a look. Same face when you’re parking an apartment complex type parking structure where you’re going to have a signed parking again you’re going to want to take some time before you go inside if you live in a place where your garage is somewhere different and not connected to your home. What kind of condominium or potentially some townhome units even more time should be taken and you should look. Do you see anything strange do you see any vehicles you don’t recognize. Do you see anybody walking on the street? And then also be aware of corners as you’re coming up to corners that you’re going to be turning on. It’s better to go wide than narrow. We call that in police jargon we call that slicing the pie.

    Speaker 6: 09:49 So you got to swing wide as you take these corners. So actually go into what would be considered oncoming traffic right cross over to the side of the hallway so you can be all the way in the opposing corner as you make the turn because criminals are going to be stacked if they’re going to be waiting to lay in wait. There are going to be the closest place to the inside corner. And just like the movies are going to be back right up to that wall on the inside corner of the blind spot where you won’t see. And if you’re too close to that it’s a corner while you’re making your turn left or right you’re going to get shot at least this way you get a little bit more distance so you can potentially have them makes a mistake or smack him or kick or do whatever you have a little bit more distance between you and the called slice of the pie.

    Speaker 6: 10:38 So as you’re going around blind corners maybe trying to make it from where you park your vehicle into your apartment or condo or whatever it is even in a single family residence maybe you don’t enter through the garage. Maybe you don’t even put anything in the garage except stuff. A lot of people use in Southern California they don’t even have room for their car in the garage. So you’re getting out now you’re going to go around a corner to maybe get to your front door ticket wide to go wide burn a few more calories take a few extra steps.

    Speaker 7: 11:07 That’s good safety folks because you’re going to give yourself space between maybe something like somebody losing weight. And of course, you burn more calories a lot. But that’s always good advice. Look at the neighborhood. Look at what’s going on. Go to the supermarket go to the mall. You see something strange. Ignore it at least till you get to a place of safety. People put sticky notes on back windows to get them to stop the car potentially get out while another bad guy waiting on the other side of the vehicle parked next to the vehicle that just loaded up all their Christmas stuff and they’ll do it very quickly what’ll end up happening is they’ll put that sticky out the back window behind the driver. So now I’ve just put all my Christmas stuff on my car.

    Speaker 8: 11:52 And the stinky was then put on in between me putting my stuff in the back of the car closing the trunk or closing the hatch and then getting into the car so I wouldn’t see it. So now I see the sticky note that wasn’t there before my back window. So what does Conner do O’Connor’s curious you know what I don’t understand what is that? So then Conner gets out of the car. More than likely leaving the driver’s door open goes back to look at the stick and now somebody is in my car that’s running.

    Speaker 9: 12:23 And is gone. Now of course I know we have killed a century and the car shut down after a while to Payne what kind of model you have. Even our kids Subaru has that if the keys away from the vehicle a vehicle you know won’t work after a while. But the bottom line doesn’t put you in that predicament because maybe you’re going to get a little excited at the end and try to stop the vehicle with your body. Three thousand pound car. Somebody tried to carjack you again. Just be wary. I would if I were in a car I would just leave and I would check out that sticky note later. I wouldn’t be so concerned now just because you never know things like that in a mall parking lots people walking around with clipboards with candy trying to sell candy.

    Speaker 9: 13:09 I know that they’re trying to do a good thing for themselves. But believe it or not, we saw that as well. There’d be two or three of them they would spend 15 bucks on the 99 cent store and they’d be walking around the parking lot with half-empty Campbell Soup boxes of candy saying that please you know to buy a candy bar we’re going to be going. We’re saving up to go to art school or tuition or Disneyland or whatever it may be. Watch out for that because sometimes and we’ve seen this we’ve seen those being groups that are going to be trying to lift things out of shopping carts one will distract you-you’ve got your shopping cart full of your Christmas shopping and the couple boxes are going to be taken as your Bistrica watching somebody and potentially going to buy candy from them.

    Speaker 9: 13:58 These are all setups folks watch out for it. Don’t believe it. Don’t be so fast. Make sure you’re aware of your surroundings. Make sure you keep you in your safe. The people that are with you especially if they can’t defend themselves elderly and the young and watch out for everything. Iconic Ivery it’s a lot but I hope you’re able to digest today’s show. We are. We do sell real estate. By the way, so putting this together hopefully that will help you keep safe and if you know anybody that wants to buy or sell real estate please remember Paris 9 1. And housing radio dot com. That’s easy housey radio dot com. You’ll be able to go there direct your friends and family and say this is Konner seems like a pretty ok chap and he’ll be able to represent you with buying or selling.

    Speaker 9: 14:41 Be safe. We’ll be back with our next show we’re going to talk about exterior security. And this is all the way from condos townhomes to single-family residences. We’ll talk about some ways to maybe have people overlook your residence. Maybe they don’t want to choose your home to break into. Maybe it looks like it’s going to be more difficult than they expect. We’ll show you ways to do that and they will move into locks and entry and some of the other items it will be awesome checkout. Check it out. I will do a. Playlist, as well as SCV, moves that’s YouTube dot com forward slash SCV moves home safety and personal protection as what will title it. Hope everybody has a fantastic rest of your day. I know we’re coming up on Christmas. I’m Connor Macliver thanks for listening and please share. Talk to you soon.

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