Don’t be scared of having an Open House – Just plan it well

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    Santa Clarita Open Houses and their agentsOpen houses are a great way for a real estate agent to procure future clients.

    Open houses only sell the “specific” home 1% of the time.

    People still want to kick the tires and feel the upholstery. Remember being able to go to a video store and touch and read the boxes?  Today, in retrospect, there was something very “warming” about that process.

    Big Internet Syndication companies want home sellers to believe open houses are a waste of time.

    Could that be because they have a vested interest on having everything, that is “real estate related”, online?

    I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist – however, in our local Santa Clarita Valley real estate market and where The Paris911 team hosts open houses, Greater Los Angeles, we don’t find them to be a waste of time and neither do our Savvy Real Estate Sellers.

    Historically, our Paris911 Team agents have made connections, with regard to the open houses we host, with our other sellers, at much more than the 1% rate touted online.

    However, the agent that is hosting the open house has got to prepare for it. Sitting on the couch with Sunday’s game on and eating donuts is not going to cut it.

    They need to have a proactive approach to hosting your home open.

    It all starts with the advertising and marketing of the open house to make it the most successful possible.  There also has to be some time/money spent on the advertising saturation notifying Qualified Buyers of an upcoming open house.

    Hire Smart, as Dad used to say!!!

    Onto the daily show. Today we have our Market Updates that are being completed, as I type this.  Actually, there is only one of me, so I will get to it just as soon as I finish this Santa Clarita real estate daily article.

    What I opine about the local Santa Clarita real estate market reports. And no, I did not cheat!

    I know for a fact that Days on Market is increasing. I know for another fact that properties are selling less than their listing prices. However, I also know for a fact, the median “sold” price is not going down, it’s still creeping up.

    No where as fast as we were back in the past 18 months – but still inclining just the same.

    The other thing that this market holds true is the fact Foreclosures are down quite a bit compared with the “unhealthy” real estate market.

    Here are those numbers – Enjoy and we will talk with you soon. BTW, when you are ready to hire a local agent or agent team, make sure you are interviewing before letting them work for you.

    You are doing the hiring, so you should be viewed as the “boss”. Lacking this – you should move on…

    Foreclosures – we have a total of 31 real estate owned properties that are currently active, back up or in escrow with a pending status.

    Of those Santa Clarita valley foreclosures, we see that only 9 are active – 5 of the Santa Clarita foreclosures are in back up position(in escrow – signed off offer – wanting additional viewings and offers just in case).

    Pending status(no more offers wanted, no more viewing wanted), make up the rest of the Santa Clarita CA foreclosures.

    More intel related to bank owned foreclosures? Wondering how you can search for foreclosures and bank owned real estate on-line? You can check out our Santa Clarita Foreclosure and Short sale Blog.

    Have a Great Monday – I cannot wait to tackle it head on!!!

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