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    Do you know what Santa Clarita home buyers like that does not start with the letter S

    Discounts on Real Estate for Sale

    Does anyone wanting to buy real estate, hate to get something for less?  Absolutely not.  As long as “service and warranty” are not sacrificed in the process.  We have posted our “Latest Santa Clarita Price Reductions” page so everyone can view the properties with the New look, same great servicedeepest discounts first.

    You should be able to search for what you want.  There should be nothing standing in a First Time buyers way when they want to get the facts concerning their home buying goals.  Find an LOCAL Santa Clarita Cities agent or team of agents that have the “play it forward” approach to everything they do.

    There should be a personal and in-office meeting that takes place so you can gather Intel about making the largest investment of your life.  Don’t you think?

    Off Radar – Cloak and Dagger

    The better connected your real estate agent is, the more advantage you will have.  In fact, we know that the Best Connected in the Santa Clarita Valley don’t have a “set it and forget it” philosophy of buyer representation.

    They are actively on the hunt for those “secret and special” real estate deals that are just beneath the “on market” surface.  Choosing a Real Estate Team that makes a daily practice of networking with others in the Real Estate industry, and having one’s “Ear to the tracks”, will be to your BEST advantage as a Real Estate buyer.

    Who’s really doing the Realtors writing?

    It is no secret that MOST real estate agents don’t write their own content on their websites and blogs.  In fact, less than 8% of real estate agents use Video to Convey real estate intel or to provide assistance to the consumer.  Putting Video aside, the fact that others are writing the agent’s content is disturbing.  Who is the expert.  I have a friend that is a doctor, no matter what he tells me about Heart Valve replacement, there is no way I would be able to write about, even if he paid me!!!

    Find out where your real estate is in the current and local market.  Do some googling.  Type in their name or Team Name.  Read through a few before reaching out and connecting.  Here are some items I would be looking for, when preparing to choose a Santa Clarita real estate representative, at “face value”.

    • Do they shave their head? – JK, could not resist…
    • What are they taking about?  Are they surrounded by mirrors telling everyone “the audience – you”, how great they are?
    • Adding Value – is the real estate professional you are reconning talking about the ‘happenings’ in the real estate market?
    • Questions answered about real estate – Have they “been there and done that, have the t-shirt?”
    Finally, how do you think they will mesh with you and yours.  Consider the amount of time you are going to be spending with your real estate agent of choice.  It could be the best decision you have ever made, or it could turn into a “boiling your rabbit” scenario.
    What questions would you ask a Realtor when interviewing them?  Will you have a problem telling a real estate agent like it is, if a conflict arises?  What are your real estate goals?  BE Safe and thanks for reading…  Oh, BTW, you can sign up for our Newsletter below, at the bottom of our Santa Clarita price reduction graph…

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