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    Do all Real Estate agents have a comfort zone with buyer and seller representation

    I would hope the answer to the question of, “do agents have limits”, would be “YES”.  Some are willing to drive to the ends of the Earth for Baker to Vegas 2007their clients.  Which in contractual circumstances and those issues involving “hard core” negotiation, is how every real estate agent should be.  Never throwing their clients under the bus or allowing any harm to befall a trusted real estate service seeker.

    But, when it comes to representation within certain geographical boundaries, every single agent should have their limit.  Real Estate is very dynamic and most times, very city or area specific.

    There may be certain things about other cities and areas that agent’s, not being from there, don’t know.  Santa Clarita has some of those “unknown” factors that have caused an “out of area” agent’s clients harm.

    Scenario 1:    You are represented by an out of the Santa Clarita area agent.  They are most likely a bit new(on the job), to be traveling with you far outside of their normal city or area of Real Estate representation.  You arrive in the Santa Clarita Valley, and because they have access to the Multiple Listing Service, they show you real estate for sale that is currently on the market.

    All is good, you find that “special” home and you want your agent to write an offer.  Gladly, they either do it on the trunk of their car, in a restaurant, or at the office of the “listing agent”(this is more old school than the current method, but it does work).  The offer is written, the offer gets accepted in a few days, escrow opens and you are on your way to home ownership in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    There is so much to do, you have inspections, review paperwork, escrow, loan, cc&r’s(Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) documents.  The CC&R’s usually have to do with Home Owner association controlled housing areas.  But, there are a lot of Single family residences that have them in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.  (being a local expert helps).

    Here is where your home purchase might start falling apart.  There may be Mello Roos on the home you are buying.  You may be in such a flurry of Home purchase activity, you may never realize this on paper.  Several months after you close escrow, you get a supplemental tax bill that is more money than your normal property tax fee’s are.  However, it’s too late because you already closed escrow and you did not know, because your agent didn’t.

    Scenario 2:    You have two 75 pound dogs, you love your dogs – in fact, to you and yours “they are not dogs” – they are your “kids”, part of your family.  Three months after you move into your new home, you get a letter from the Homeowners Association telling you that you are not allowed to have more than 1 dog and that 1 dog has to be less than 50 pounds in weight.  If you don’t comply with regulations that you agreed to within all of the paperwork when buying the home, you will be fined.  If you don’t pay the fine the HOA will place a lien on your home that is recorded on title.  The larger the fine gets with the penalties – the more the lien increases.  Reminds me of the No Win scenario that Captain Kirk faced on Star Trek 🙁

    These are two actual circumstances we have had told to us, in our offices, by very emotionally upset home buyers that did not use local resources.

    If an agent is not doing very much business, they can do the proper research to protect you from harm if they are outside of their comfort zone.  However, they may have to admit to you, at the forefront, that they are not familiar with the area you are interested in so they can ask the right questions.

    The homes below are within our comfort zone.  We do the recon and contact the city, HOA, et al…  We have listed homes for sale in the below areas that are rendering on the map and within the accompanying list of available real estate for sale.  Listing Residential real estate  is where a real estate agents learns the most.  This learning sometimes is the hard way.  Reference to the “particulars” about another city and the homes therein.

    Be Safe and let us know if we can help you in any way….

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    Paris and Connor MacIvor

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