Directions to REMAX of Valencia

    Map 1 – 405 freeway to 5 freeway to REMAX

    REMAX of Valencia California is located at 27720 Dickason Dr, Valencia, CA 91355.

    If you are wanting to drive to REMAX of Valencia from Los Angeles and have access to the 405 freeway, take the 405 freeway north bound. Continue until the 405 merges with the 5 freeway. Continue on the 5 freeway to the Newhall Ranch Road Exit. At the end of the Newhall Ranch Road Off-ramp from the 5 Freeway – turn right.

    You will drive until the 4rd traffic signal. You will pass Gateway Village – where LA fitness is to your South and Walmart which will be on your North.

    On the way to REMAX of Valencia CA you will then pass Copperhill Drive. Home Depot will be to your South and Jack in the Box will be peaking up at you near the corner 🙂

    You are going to pass another traffic signal which is in place at the entrance to Home Depot.

    Continuing down – it’s the next traffic light where you are going to turn Left (northbound) from Newhall Ranch Road to arrive at REMAX of Valencia CA.

    After you Turn Left at the fourth traffic Signal from the 5 freeway, on the way to REMAX of Valencia, you will see the REMAX offices on your right. You can turn right at the first signal you approach which is also the entrance to Legacy School and the Paseo Club. You will then have to switchback left to enter the REMAX parking lot. Or you can wait until you are next to the REMAX of Valencia building and turn “right” into the driveway which is directly in the REMAX parking lot (suggested option).

    I have included approximate times for travel to REMAX of Valencia. From the San Fernando Valley, without traffic it’s about 25-35 minutes driving at the posted speed limit to arrive at REMAX of Valencia offices.

    Map 2 – 5 Freeway to 5 Freeway to REMAX

    Please call 661-400-1720 to make sure I’m at this location on the date you want to come and talk about Real Estate. I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia and I’m Glad to be of Service to you and yours.

    By the Way – BTW. If you want to take an alternate route – exit Magic Mountain Parkway from the 5 freeway.

    Then turn right at the end of the off ramp. Estimated Time of Arrival to REMAX of Valencia will be similar with this route as it is taking the Newhall Ranch Road Offramp. Newhall Ranch Road is a bit farther, but there are more signals between the Magic Mountain offramp and the REMAX of Valencia CA Offices.

    With both exits – Starbucks are located on the way and both have drive-thrus. Just in case you were wondering.

    Sometimes traffic backs up due to the Magic Mountain Amusement park traffic. The same goes for the 5 freeway on the way to the Newhall Ranch Road Exit. There is a State of California Truck Weigh Station operated by the California Highway patrol and on heavy freight days the semi’s can cause a bit of a back up, so hence the dual routes to get the REMAX of Valencia.

    Further directions – McBean Parkway exit also works – at the end of the McBean Parkway off ramp from the 5 Freeway, turn right. You will pass California Institute of the Arts – Continue until you get to Newhall Ranch Road, sound familiar 🙂 – then turn Left and go to Dickason Drive and turn right to REMAX of Valencia.

    Map 3 to REMAX of Valencia – Final Approach

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