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    Developing a Real Estate Game Plan

    We are big proponents on being prepared.  If memory serves, that is the motto of the “Boy Scouts…”  Preparation equates to not being surprised.

    real estate game plan by ConnorWhen you are considering making the largest investment of your life – Buying or Selling Real Estate – you need to get the most relevant data on several factors that will effect your Real Estate decisions.  Paris is fond of saying, “You are not buying a pair of shoes…”

    • How is the current “area specific” real estate market doing?  Are prices increasing or decreasing?
    • What are the questions I need to be asking a Lender when getting a loan?  The Power of a Good Faith Estimate and Reducing or Nullifying Closing Costs are Explained!
    • Where are the best Real Estate deals to be found? Foreclosures, Short Sales, Pre-foreclosures, or Regular Sales?  What about the Future Listings, how can those be seen?
    • When would be the best time to buy a home, condo or town-home?  During the Summer, Spring – during holidays?
    • Why should I work with just one Real Estate agent?  Listing Agents versus buyers representatives.

    We have been conducting Buyers and Sellers Briefings in our offices since our beginnings in Real Estate.  That was 1998.  Listening to the what our clients want is the most important aspect of our Real Estate Team’s success.

    We cover the topics above and much more. We also see if we “click” and you will as well.  We are going to be in your lives for a while and hope to do such a GREAT job, we will be in your lives for all of your Future Real Estate needs.  That is the reason the “clicking” is so very important.  Short Shortsightedness  is a BAD trait of a Real Estate Agent.

    We have methods in place that give our clients “full disclosure”.  Those “methods” have earned our place in ranking as the “Top 1% of Realtors Nation-wide“.

    Be Safe and contact our Team to schedule an appointment when you are ready!

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