December 19, 2012 – Slow your roll for Santa Clarita homes for sale – Let your Agent do their job

    With only a few days left before Christmas, we are still “hot and heavy’ with regard to showing properties. When inventory is lacking, there cannot be a moment lost when it comes to checking (available) real estate inventory multiple times per day for every single real estate client we are working with, calling to ensure availability and getting the showing scheduled with our real estate buyer.

    Here are a few issues that come up from time to time when it comes to the verification component for listings fitting our Real Estate buyers. ¬†Once a listing hits the market for sale, we see it first, (if we are looking ūüôā ) – We then check what type of sale it is, is it a standard equity type sale, is it a short sale (pre-foreclosure) or is it a Foreclosure(bank owned)? ¬†We then look to see who the listing agent is, do they owe us a favor? ¬†Did we get their buyers¬†accepted¬†on one of properties that we had for sale in times past?

    Real Estate buyer training by the paris911 teamThat is why Top Listing agents make the best Buyers agents.  We then choose the various methods of contacting the listing agent.  If we see there is no email address on the Multiple Listing service or if they are only putting down an office number with the comments,

    “Agents The MLS is updated every day, don’t call for status, your calls won’t be answered or returned by this agent, fax only complete offers where your clients double qualified with our lender – Mr. Santa Clarita Lender at 661-555-1212… Write all offers subject to inspection, there will be no showings at this time, tenant occupied property, do not disturb tenants, drive by only. This is a short sale property with 3 lien holders and will require buyer to contribute $12,000 to the back HOA dues. Buyer to pay a 1% negotiation fee for this agent’s short sale negotiator…”

    Seriously folks, I cannot make this stuff up. ¬†If we see some of that garbage, after I call the agent anyway ūüôā – And I call until they pick up the phone, I call their office and get their cellular phone, I email them, I text them, I need to speak with them. ¬†Just having a home show up as being for sale does not mean that all is well in the world. ¬†I will also not take one of my “exclusive” real estate buyers to a home where I have not spoken with the other professional involved.

    We went into a “retort” posting with regard to an article I rec’d yesterday from one of my MA¬†Realtor¬†friends on Google Plus. ¬†The article spoke about agents as if the writer had a “worse world view of realtors” than most ūüôā – Heck, I did not think it could get any worse. ¬†Click here to read that on our Santa Clarita sellers blog.

    We plugged in the short sales, foreclosures and mls search keywords into our MacBoX at our Main Santa Clarita real estate website at Paris911 dot com. ¬†Have a look and give these words a try. ¬†BTW, REMAX, in the¬†revamping¬†of their real estate website, just entered the market with a tiny URL¬†shortener. ¬†I think that is GREAT – That is what our MacboX is – I wonder if they got the idea from me ūüôā

    A reminder РAll of the Santa Clarita real estate listings you are seeing for sale on our Main Santa Clarita real estate website are available.  They are either active in status or they are in back up status where the sellers want to get at least one more offer just in case the accepted buyer drops out of the deal, they have a plan B in place.  Try this, go to one of the real estate syndication websites and do a search for real estate within Valencia CA.  Homes for sale without any parameters Рlook at the numbers of homes that it says are for sale.  I know it will be several times what we are showing that are currently for sale.  Do the real estate syndication websites get their listings or have access to a better system?  No Рthey are setting you up Рbe CAREFUL Рthey are lead generation websites.  They make money when they sell your personal information to the agents that pay them.  Just thought you should know Рstick to local real estate agents and their search engines Рthey are more current and updated several times per our directly from the source РThe Board of Realtors!!!


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