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    Here is the daily drip for the Santa Clarita real estate market

    MONITOR the real estate you ownWatching the real estate happenings on a daily basis, only makes us better at what we do.

    The constant monitoring also helps our clients make better real estate decisions.

    And of course, we have a real estate system that our current homeowners can use to keep tabs on their current real estate values.

    Kind of like the statement you get from your bank or your interest in the Stock Market.

    We have it posted up at SCVintel.com, Standing for Southern California Values, because the system works very well in all of So. Cal.

    Any real estate that you own, the system will start the monitoring of it for you. It goes from the Antelope Valley, Throughout the Santa Clarita Valley, Into Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks in Ventura County, throughout Los Angeles, inside of the Inland Empire and areas out East, to Southern Los Angeles, into the West Side of LA, to the beach communities and every place in between.

    It’s the solve all solution to your monitoring the real estate you own.

    BTW, no spam and it’s free. The first report takes approximately 30 minutes to be generated. This is based from the real Multiple Listing Service Data directly from the local Boards of Realtors.

    It’s not a “hack” system you may find on some of the real estate syndication websites that uses an algorithm.

    The Santa Clarita Daily News:

    The daily drip for the Santa Clarita Valley cities breaks down in the following activity for the past 24 hours.

    The Santa Clarita Valley cities has had 17 new real estate listings hit the local markets for sale.

    We have had 7 real estate listings that have experienced price changes. 2 were reductions and the other 5 were increases, a Majority of the price increases were short sale listings that obtained approval.

    5 properties have re-entered the “being for sale” category after falling out of escrow.

    11 real estate listings have entered the back up offer status with a signed off contract between the Santa Clarita Seller and the Santa Clarita real estate buyers.

    2 properties in the Santa Clarita valley have expired and the contract has run out.

    6 properties were changed to the Pending Status, the most secure form of escrow. This is the status used when the sellers don’t want any more offers or viewings of the real estate listings being sold.

    8 real estate listings in the Santa Clarita Valley cities have been recorded as sold, successfully closing escrow.

    That is it for the daily drip for real estate intel from the Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA.  Please do yourselves a favor and make sure you are hiring smart before jumping into the real estate sales and procurement realm.

    There are a lot of capable real estate agents in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities, some more capable than others.

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