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    Daily Brief for Santa Clarita Valley real estate – How to Karma Sutra your home


    Making Love, To your home?  Not literally – however, there are somethings that buyers are looking for as signs of you loving the home you are selling.

    Here are the top 5 things that Buyers view that are indications that you love your home enough to make love to it:

    1. Curb Appeal and Presentation:  From the street the home has a doll house appearance. Dark soil or wood chips, freshly added to sub planters and curb gardens. Flowers planted – no cobwebs and fresh paint, clean screens and windows, even some porch furniture to show that the neighborhood is safe from thievery.
    2. Scent of a “woman”: 🙂 – Best practice is to have the scent of a home smelling like of two things. Either cinnamon or apple “holiday scents” or “food” – preferably chocolate chip cookies.
    3. Clean Surfaces:  This is one of those things that all buyers can hold in common.  They love a clean and clutter free home.  Keep the floors clean, the counter spaces in the kitchen without clutter and show off the spacious rooms.
    4. Make your home look like a Model:  There is a pun here.  Have you been inside of a new home build lately?  They hire professional stagers – you can learn a lot from them.  No personal photos – if you have photos of people, make sure they are marked as if they are “staging photos”.  This is to indicate to the viewer they can over look the photos, because they are not “real”.  Pillows fluffed and furniture arranged to level out focal points.
    5. Trim those bushes: If you have bush that is too over grown, it could turn off most buyers.  Look around your back yard and determine whether or not you should trim down the overgrown foliage   There is nothing more apparent to a buyer when the landscape is neglected.  Reason is because if the homeowner pays attention to the landscape, you can bet they are paying attention to the interior details.

    You can read more about the intel of real estate and how Santa Clarita real estate sellers should be hiring the best real estate agent they can find.

    We have our REMAX of Santa Clarita Sellers Blog posted at realtor.paris911.com.

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