Cops and High net worth and Ultra high net worth clients have a lot in common

    According to top real estate professionals, the true “date of arrival” for a real estate agent is when they break through the glass ceiling and have an HNW or UHNW client wanting to utilize their services.

    HNW – High Net Worth

    UHNW – Ultra High Net Worth

    These types of clients are typically from the “Tech Boom” or from the Motion Picture Industry. Both of which have their groupies and the “paid for gossip” crowd in close pursuit.

    What these types of people would do for some insider information concerning anyone of my HNW or UHNW clients.

    We spend time together looking at homes, discussing personal stuff, kids(if in the picture), animals and other things.

    I learned by being a cop for a long time, how to keep a secret. So many things I will take to my grave, including any interactions between myself and my high and ultra-high-value clients.

    Between these clients and the cops I work with, there is no difference in expectation. Both expect me to have the following code of conduct, when with them and when apart. Before the deal closes and after.

    1. Discretion

    2. Trustworthiness

    3. Loyalty

    4. Competence

    5. Communication


    The cop, like the UHNW and HNW, wants to buy and sell in secret. If the neighbors are to find out who they are and what they do for a living, then let the client let them in. Both don’t want me discussing their business at my next dinner party. Nor, do they want me speaking with the media or anyone about either.

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s no one’s business what they are buying and where. Neither is any other information I happen to be exposed to.


    Of course, this is a biggie and has a lot to do with everything that a cop or High Net Worth client would expect. If you cannot trust the one who is representing you concerning 500K or 15M, you need to move along. I always want to earn my clients trust and then their business.

    Being a cop, you had to trust your partner. You had to know they’d be there if the bad guy shot at you or swung on you. There was no “hiding” in the police car when my partner was attacked. I had to be there for them 100%, even if that meant my death!

    Trust between two police officers, who are partners, or those in specialized units is important. The officer’s lives may depend on that trust. Knowing that if I’m being held hostage that my partner is not going to put their gun down and will take the shot is refreshing. Trusting that my partner has a skill set to pull off that shot without hitting me in the melon, that’s another story.

    Working with high end and cop clients run similar because of the trust factor. Trust that I understand that loose lips sink ships. Also understanding that if I do them right the referral stream is endless.

    As our real estate client, I’m sure we won’t be getting shot at, at least I hope. Trust is something that I don’t take for granted. Once I have it I treat it as if it’s priceless.



    Like a marriage, an unloyal real estate agent can break up any achievable goals that one may have in real estate. On the job, if you weren’t loyal to the badge, bad things ended up happening. Sacrificing one’s code for a piece of the “dark side” was grounds for termination.

    The worst part of it is it soiled the badge and was in the public eye making all of those who wore the shield look bad.

    This applies to any real estate clients we are working with. We are loyal to the true core of the realtor code of ethics and stand by our clients wants and desires. If our clients are about to make a mistake, we are loyal to swearing that we will serve and protect their real estate needs, we will call them on it and explain why.


    When with the LAPD, we had training often. Those of us who were overachievers could become instructors in the disciplines we desired. I did just that and was required to attend updated training to keep my razor sharp edge as an instructor.

    In 1998, when I entered real estate, the overachiever was not satisfied with my LAPD career. I wanted more. I keep up to date and digest 2 hours each morning to covering all things “real estate” via blogs, social media, mainline news, real estate sites and more. I have to be on the cutting edge of real estate if I expect my home sellers and buyers to outperform their competition


    As a cop(no I don’t mind, nor did I ever mind, being called a COP), we relied on being able to communicate on various levels. In person, by hand gestures, by a look, on the radio, using a code word, during a fight and a pursuit. When needing to run a suspect over the air for wants and warrants, running a vehicle license plate and in other ways. Being understood was very important and was, as it still is, a huge officer safety issue.

    In the “upper echelon” when it comes to real estate buying/selling, communication is just as important. The right hand not knowing what the left is doing is a tragedy about to happen. I make it a point be the only point of contact on the real estate side when clients are working with me. I don’t take days off and am here to serve my real estate clients. This is my business and I want those referring me real estate business to have no doubt that a Great review will come back their way.

    The bottom line

    When I have gotten calls from the “media” who just love to get gossip about anyone, cops I worked with, the High-Value Clients – movie stars, pro athletes, entrepreneurs, etc. – I keep tight lips and move them right along.

    I know nothing. I have a business to run and don’t have time for nonsense. I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX – let me know when I can be of service. No matter what you do for a living!

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