Cop Clients don’t get the lawlessness in Real Estate Sales

    Police Academy Photo LAPDA Psychologist client of mine once asked me why I wanted to become a cop. I told him that I had ever since I was a young boy, watching 1 Adam 12 and Dragnet. I further mentioned that I wanted to protect the innocent from bad people.

    I also told him that the LAPD was the one for me. He smiled.

    While continuing showing the good Doctor houses, he could not help it, he asked if when I was growing up if there was any structure. (yes, I thought it strange, but I had nothing to hide, so I answered…)

    I told him I did not understand. He said, “you know, rules, sitting down to dinner, structure which was enforced, things like that…”

    I thought for a second, I told him that we did not have anything like that. My upbringing was definitely not like Leave it to Beaver ideals portrayed on TV.  “Chaotic” would be the best word to describe my household when growing up. He offered that was the “bigger reason” why I became a cop, to have structure and rules be a part of my life, which were missing.

    He commented he chose to work with me, from all the other’s in my industry, because of my background in law enforcement and the “rules – protection” he knew I’d bring to the table.

    This client and I ran into each other back in 2007, after I quit the full time service with the LAPD. At the time I was a Full Top Level Reserve Officer for the LAPD teaching firearms and tactics.

    We sold him and his significant other a beautiful home in North Valencia, I keep in touch checking in with them often.

    It was strange, while I was not on the couch, what he said to me rang true. While the protection of others is part of why I became a cop, I must agree with the “bigger picture” reason – rules, laws, structure, organization, and chain of command made up the larger reason for me.

    When I first joined my full time partner in real estate, full time, I was frustrated by the games played in real estate. I could see the same frustration within my Law Enforcement Clients. I often thought to myself that some lacked the code/honor/ethics to be in a “representation” business. I was fit to be tied until I let go of the “others” and focused on myself being the prime real estate representative.

    They don’t understand the “lawlessness” seen at times within a simple real estate transaction.

    • Why is it necessary to follow up with every conversation to anyone who is part of the transaction in writing after a phone call?

    • Why should you always ask your real estate agent questions about things that “don’t sound right?” – Then follow up that conversation in an email?

    • Not understanding how another agent won’t call back to give feedback about a listing they have just shown.

      When searching online why is it that there are listings which are not real, but fake – who condones those types of actions?

    • Confused as to why the agent on the other side of the transaction is not answering phone calls, voicemails, text messages, or emails.

    • Flabbergasted as to why the other agent is giving their client bad information. Information which could lead to getting their own client into trouble.

    And of course – Lots more confusion comes to the surface during each part of any real estate transaction.

    While most agents play by the rules, there is a certain amount of flexibility within the rules themselves, unlike in the Rule of Law.

    For us Cops, the person in question either broke the law or did not. After the arrest, the rest was to be worked out in the courts. After the arrest, very few cops took the final verdict personally. We understood that there are many rules within the court system – rules of evidence, disclosure, conduct, etc.. Some cases were thrown out for technical reasons, or plea bargained at no fault of the arresting officer.

    In real estate, some of the questionable conduct is in what is known as a “grey” area. That is the place where a person should do what they are supposed to do, but the place where tarrying can be blamed on a lie. Sick, unavailable, in a meeting, very busy, family issues, broken technology, and more. Basically placating for a self serving interest, or for their clients best interests.

    I have found since 1998, when I first was licensed in real estate, cops are not unlike the civilian population who wants to buy and sell real estate. Nobody wants to be B.S.’d. Everyone wants to be dealt with in a straight manner. And there is a certain honor expected in the dealing with a real estate agent.

    I hope you have enjoyed our latest Santa Clarita and Greater Los Angeles real estate blog article. I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia. We serve our real estate clients in and around the greater Los Angeles Areas. See why searching on a Secure and Encrypted real estate website is best.

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