Considering a short sale in California in 2014

    You will probably be okay. However, there are many steps to the successful completion of a Short Sale.

    Deciding if a short sale is something you should do is the first step in the process. Tax Attorneys and CPA’s are a necessary part of the Short Sale Process – Don’t neglect this step!!!

    Santa Clarita short sales okay in CA 2014The Short Sale Expert you are hiring will handle the rest of the details.

    We wrote an article before most of the online real estate news sources, about California Short Sale Sellers still being able to move forward in 2014 with Short Sales.

    This article is key because it addresses the Debt forgiveness act that is coming to an end, unless re-approved, December 31, 2013.

    Read the Article about California Short Sale Sellers – Good News – Here.

    Today – We have obtained our Santa Clarita real estate market reports from our local Research Company.

    They have gone to great lengths to categorize everything and I put them together in PDF format.

    The Santa Clarita Real estate markets are flat in most cases, you can find more intel by heading to our main Valencia CA real estate website and by utilizing our Market Reports System.  Type the word reports into the macboX at

    Be safe – have a great Monday (if that is possible), talk with you soon – see you tomorrow….


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