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    A clever phone call made from a Real Estate agent to one of my Friends

    I received a phone call yesterday from a friend of mine that I had worked with at the LAPD for quite a few years.

    Connect with the Paris911 team on Social mediaShe relayed to me that she had just received a phone call from a Real Estate agent and the agent told her they had a client.

    My Friend responded with, “Okay…”

    The agent continued to describe my friends property in exacting detail.  Talking about her client needing specific things, inquiring if her home has these things.

    The interesting thing was the agent was not assuming my friend home had the additions that her buyer required. (although my friend knew she did)

    She was asking for help.  My Friend said, “that’s great – Bring over your buyer and let me speak with them…”

    There was a dial tone after that.

    Kudos to my Erin for her foresight into the “I have a buyer for your home” game, that is perpetrated by some real estate agents.

    There are ways to counter those agents using that strategy.  You can also say to the agent calling, “Bring me an offer”.

    Unfortunately, some use this tactic as a reason to get you to list your home with them.  They then come back later and said the buyer they had changed their mind.

    Be careful, if you have any questions related to real estate and if something sounds too good to be true – reach out to your Realtor and ask them, as Erin Did in my case.

    However, she was “relaying” the story in my case, she had already figured out the agent was being “clever”.

    Thanks Erin for being today’s Blog Fodder for the Paris911 Team’s Top Real Estate Blog.  I miss watching you make smiley faces on the targets at the academy 🙂

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