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    Clever Advertisement or BAD advertising? Let me take you home, I’m Beautiful inside…

    Sexy real estate advertising:

    Real Estate advertising is typically boring.  With statements like, “Top Real Estate agent, Best Team, Voted number 1 agent, etc…”

    How can you keep your eye’s glued on those ads for long?  The answer is you cannot.  There is not enough “inspiration” to keep anyone Sexy agents in Santa Clarita CAfocused.

    However, take an attractive Realtor on a large Billboard in Canada, and add the phrase, “Let me take you home, I’m beautiful inside…”

    That may turn some heads.  As I speculate, it did.

    Such is the story with a Canadian REMAX agent – she is under fire for her real estate “advertising” and marketing campaign.

    Real Estate Fraud – what to look out for:

    FRAUD:  When you are the victim, it’s horrible.  During the times of this Distressed Real Estate market the scammers and those that are fraudulent smell distress as a shark smells blood in the water.

    We were asked, in the beginning of this current real estate cycle, to give up our database for $800 to $1000 a contact.  At that time, both Paris and I did not hesitate.  We responded at the local real estate agents request with a resounding “NO”.

    “Seriously”, I thought to myself.  Is this fella really going to start scamming people into paying him and a legal team money for a “promise” aka “window dressing”?  Pay for something that sounds too good to be true?

    Well, that was the beginning and it continues today.  Lately, in California, a few were arrested on charges surrounding mortgage fraud.

    They acted like they wanted to help, made false promises and took in gobs of money from the “unsuspecting distressed homeowner”.

    How to protect yourself

    If it sounds too good to be true, remember what my dad told me, “Son, if anything sounds too good to be true, it usually is..”

    Also, you may want to do some checking on-line to see if what they are telling you can be verified.

    If they say they can have you keep your home, free and clear, for $3000.00 – watch out.  If your parents are those you have a good relationship with – ask them what they think.  Ask a friend or call your local Real Estate agent.  As long as they are not the one sending or calling about this “special deal”.

    Short sales in real estate are some of the “end products” that can benefit homeowners.  However a homeowner cannot profit a penny.  All of the commission, payoff’s, etc, are accounted for.

    If someone is telling you that you are going to profit from doing a short sale – be weary.  Make sure they are giving you the facts in writing as to where the source of the money is coming from.

    If it’s coming from their commission, under the table, that’s against the law.  It’s true some banks give those Short Sale Sellers some money to assist with moving out.  However, the origination point of that money is going to be your bank(the one that holds the mortgage) and will be disclosed to all parties.

    I can get you back $35,000.00 if you short sale with me!!!

    If a Santa Clarita short sale agent is building a marketing campaign around how much money they have gotten back for their short sale sellers, be careful.

    Short Sale marketing should be about the success rates and client satisfaction.  They should be talking about having the Short Sale charge off reflecting in the most beneficial way on their clients credit.

    Money back is available, but not for everyone.  Not from every bank.  It is a very small percentage and most short sale agents, that are Tops in their Field, will find out when the short sale starts if there is going to be money allocated to help the short sale seller relocate.

    Be safe – Happy Friday – We will see you tomorrow and hope you are well.

    If you have a real estate agent, please be loyal.  If you don’t, my Santa Clarita real estate team would love to interview for the job.

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