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    Choosing a Domain Name Tips and Information

    What does Google Mean?  It is now recognized as a Verb examples are, “Hey, can you google that for me”, “I am going to google that…”

    To Google something, would be to gain the most accurate information about what you are searching for.  They are tops in Search.  Not to digress, back to my original question, What does it mean?Branding and domain names

    Nothing.  What about Yahoo?  Bing?  Ning?

    I see top level keyword phrases still hitting Google’s Page 1 in the form or URL’s, with horrible content, structure and organization.  Those URL’s (aka domain names – the dot com’s), that are spot on matches when people are searching with that exact phrase, are still adored by the Major Search engines.

    I would imagine time is falling short for a specific phrase or Search term to hit page 1, for the singular reason that it is a website or blog that has been built around that phrase or keyword.

    My reasoning has to do with the “tiny url’s“.  If you are on Twitter and take an URL you want to share from an article you just read or a news story you want others to know about, it could look like this:



    After you “tiny it” – it looks like this:  http://bit.ly/pFUC7l

    bit.ly used to shrink this one.

    We had something built for our business by Link U Systems, which I dreamt and wanted built, called the “Mac BOX”.  This system is our own version of a Tiny URL maker.  I can take that same HTTP:// address above – the http://macivor.realty-buzz.com – blah – blah – blah – blah and reduce it to this:


    But even this URL, which I made smaller, is not index-able.  Point being, I am not sure you need to hunt something, when looking for a domain name, that means anything at all.

    An example closer to home is Paris911.com.  Paris is the name of my wife.  I was an LAPD Regular for over 17 years and am now a Full Line Reserve – so hence the “911”.

    My mission is to get everyone to ask the question – What does Paris911 mean? When they do that and hear the explanation – it is hard to forget.

    The other side of the coin.  Santa Clarita homes for Sale, Santa Clarita Real Estate, Santa Clarita CA realty – while those domain names are owned as dot com’s and as other extensions like .net, .org, etc… The word choices let the visitor know what they will find when they visit them.  They are also top level search phrases and very expensive to get via “pay per click” advertising.

    Knowing the answers to these two questions is 1/2 the battle.  What keywords describe your business?  Are they available as a URL?

    How much longer will keyword enriched domain names be the solve all and end all to SEO?  Can I come up with a Brand or URL that people inquire about in reference to it’s meaning?

    The internet being asked to perform Judgement Valuations:

    Think Edgy… Also don’t neglect considering the internet and “search” being used to perform judgement valuations. What I mean is there is a lot of “search” being conducted with the preceding words before the specific core query:

    • best (insert your business) – etc….
    • top
    • top rated
    • cheapest
    • new
    • used
    • voted best

    The more we move we progress 🙂 as a society – where instant gratification is a key player to all of our lifestyles, the more we are going to want to get to the core answer faster and more accurately.

    This is being seen more now when people search for our Realty Services and I am sure it is being used with reference to yours too!

    In closing, if I were an alligator farmer, I might consider getting a domain name like:  BestAlligatorBreeding.com?  “I’m just sayin….”

    Do you think the “keyword” friendly domain name is better?  Or do you think something that means noting at face value, where a question has to be posed, is better?  If you thought this was helpful and insightful – Please like on Facebook / Twitter.  Thanks…  BTW, if you made it this far – We should get your business on our Santa Clarita Radio Show.  The nicest thing about internet radio is the fact there are no rules, no overhead and no sponsors to make happy!  It can be all about you and your business.

    By the way, I am not an internet guru, nor an Search Engine Optimization specialist.  We sell houses, representing buyers and sellers of real estate. However, I have met some spectacular SEO’s and I.T. Folks with the Concierge.  We have a few members of the local Santa Clarita Networking groups that are masters at the Branding, Internet Technologies, and getting your local business on the First Page of Google, both organically and by pay-per-click.  Give me a call so I can give you my personal experiences on them and their services.

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