Cheap and Discounted Santa Clarita Listing Realtors

    Ah, it’s like the “Elephant” in the room.  No one wants to speak about the “discount” real estate agent or cheap service realtors that are within our midst in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

    Discount real estate agentsI say, “Its okay to bring them up to the Santa Clarita real estate blog reading public, they need to know what they may be getting into in order to save some coin…”

    They often send postcards and leave door droppers that talk about their discounted realty services. In fact, I believe there are only two agents that use this tactic to market to the potential real estate sellers in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    They promise things like selling your home for free, only available to the first three callers. (clever).  How do you know that you are not always the fourth caller? 🙂

    I have also seen some that have a two for one deal on real estate like one of the shoe companies at the mall. Buy one get one free. If you promise to buy a home through them, they will sell your Santa Clarita or Greater Los Angeles home for free.

    What if every agent was doing it this way. I don’t think there would be any payment to any of the buyers agents in the world and I think everything in the real estate representation world would zero out.

    The other interesting thing about Discount real estate agents and their methods. You’d think they would have a lions portion of the real estate business. However, they are barely surviving.  That has been the case since we came into the business in 1998.

    It seems that people want more in the way of “value” than cost. If they can get more for their home by hiring a “non discount” realtor, they will gladly pay them their fee. If they can have the back up of a major “world wide” brokerage, they will gladly pony up to pay their home sales representative and the agent bringing the “more than qualified” buyer.

    I guess the “discount Santa Clarita realtors” are not all they are cracked up to be. Remember, with a full service realtor, and not one that ascribes to the “cutting their worth” thing, those commission levels are negotiable.

    Make sure the agent you are hiring to sell your home is worth their part. Having said that, make sure you are not signing up with a realtor that thinks it’s a good idea to cut the Buyer Agent’s Commission.

    Also, make sure if that “discount real estate broker” is trying to sell you on having the Buyer pay for things that buyers don’t usually pay for, the market fits that scenario. It may just be another clever pitch like someone knocking on your door and saying, “I have a buyer for your home”, but not arriving at your door with a buyer, their pre qualification letter, their Fico scores, proof of funds and a contract.  Without those things, that Real estate sales pitch is just window dressing 🙁


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