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    Buying Homes and Real Estate Aided By Smartphone and Mobile Technology

    Searching for real estate from your phoneYou may have heard of real estate apps.  Some that you can download from large Syndication Websites, may be doing more than you have counted on. Ex: Selling your information to many real estate agents, selling your search habits to many a corporation, and re-selling your identity to others willing to pay for it.

    Buying Santa Clarita homes is aided tremendously by smartphone technology.  It is common knowledge that most people start their home searches online these days and now that smartphones are so widely used that means people can find the perfect home while riding the subway, getting their hair done, or having lunch.  We have become an instant gratification society and smartphones are helping us out.

    If you are looking for the perfect Santa Clarita or Los Angeles home your Local REALTOR® can now send a link in a text message and you can look at it on the spot.

    While this certainly is not the same as walking through a Santa Clarita Valley home it is a good precursor, especially if you are in a seller’s market where homes do not stay on the market long.

    Another thing that is happening these days is that the local real estate professionals are actually walking through homes and taking you on a tour while you are sitting in your office.  Ahh, the benefits of Google Hangouts.

    If you want to connect and circle Connor T. MacIvor on Google Plus, here is the link.

    Smartphone and tablet technology are game changers in the real estate industry making homes accessible to more people than ever imagined.  If you are looking for just the right house pick up your phone and start right there.

    We have two options that will allow you to search for Santa Clarita and Greater Los Angeles Real estate by using your smartphone or mobile devices.

    You can download our Real Estate Search Apps – They are known as California Homes in the App Store on iTunes or in the Android Marketplace.

    Look for the REMAX’s Paris911 Team Logo on the app.

    You can also send a text message: SCV to 87778. The link you will get back is a powerful Multiple Listing Service Search engine that will give you the intel by proximity or any other way you may desire it to come to you.

    Be safe Santa Clarita and Greater Los Angeles Home Searchers and we look forward to you contacting our REMAX Team of wonderful, if I do say so myself, Realtors.

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