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    Buying a Santa Clarita Valley condo or town-home with 3.5 percent down – FHA approved updated list

    The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA is proud to present “What’s left of the FHA approved condo and town-home complexes in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.”

    As you can see, there are not many Condo’s and Town-homes left that are FHA approved for the 3.5% down-payment type loan.  To find real estate for sale in anyone of these complexes is harder still.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to see how we conduct our “one party show” for our real estate clients.Santa Clarita CA FHA update

    Have your real estate professional set you up on a specific query for anyone of the communities you may be interested in below.  If you don’t know what types of “improvements – elevations – amenities – locations of”, that these properties have to offer you and yours,  let us know and we can show you what has sold in each of them to see if they may be fitting for your real estate procurement needs.  If you want to send our REMAX of Valencia CA Real Estate team aka Paris911 an email – click here.

    Example, it may be that the Las Ventanas is a great area, but nothing as been listed for sale in that complex since you started working with a Real Estate agent or started to look to buy a condo/town-home in the SCV.  We have the ability to show you what has sold so you can see if their specific configurations, etc, fits your needs.

    BTW – the Friendly Valley community – at the bottom of this list – is age restrictive.  Over 55 only, FYI.

    FHA approved condo tracts in Valencia CA Zip Code of 91355:

    Las Ventanas HOA – Expires 8.2.14

    Avignon – Expires 2.4.13

    FHA approved Condo Tracts in Valencia North – Zip 91354:

    Andorra at Creekside – Expires 03.11.13

    FHA approved Condo Tracts in Saugus CA – Zips 91350 and 91390:

    New Horizons – 10.13.13

    Villas at Mountain View – Expires 02.06.14

    Mountain View Courtyards – Expires 07.09.14

    FHA loan approved Condo Tracts in Stevenson Ranch CA – 91381:

    Crown Villa South – Expires 12.20.13

    FHA approved Condo Tracts in Castaic CA, Zip Code 91384:

    Villa Castaic – Expires 02.14.14

    FHA approved complexes in Canyon Country CA, Zip 91387:

    Sand Canyon HOA – Expires 10.21.13

    American Beauty Condominiums – Expires 12.14.13

    Canyon Country FHA approved condos in Zip 91351:

    Canyon Village HOA – Expires 04.20.13

    Solstice South – Expires 03.28.14

    FHA approved complexes in Newhall CA – Zip 91321:

    Friendly Village Community #4 – Expires 04.13.13

    Friendly Village Community #6BC – Expires 02.28.13

    Friendly Village Community #7 – Expires 03.22.13

    Friendly Village Community #1 – 07.28.13

    That’s all folks 🙂 – here is the plan.  Make sure you are working with a local expert when it comes to buying homes, condo’s and town-homes in the Santa Clarita Valley using FHA Loans.  Then have that expert put you into touch with the best FHA lender in our valley(per their advice) – there are a handful, then have them start to hunt in the above communities.

    It may be that inventory is lacking in these FHA approved complexes – allowing you to buy one with the 3.5% down payment that FHA asks for.  If that is the case ask your real estate professional(if it’s not The Paris911 Team at REMAX) to work on the Bank Owned and the Notice of Default filed properties that are within each of the communities that you are interested in above.

    We have had some great results for our Santa Clarita real estate clients when it comes to searching for and obtaining of real estate that has not hit the “for sale” market.  For more information about our SCV Buyer’s One Party show program – click on this link.



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