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    Buying a home for a buck – Does this even exist and why can you find it online?

    You just sold my information to hungry realtorsFinally back on track – Mondays are Heck for sure.  Even when I know we will typically get to Tuesday(today) – I cannot help but attract “too much” to Mondays 🙂

    The real estate world is back on track from the Government shutdown. We had two buyers that are okay and will be closing soon, that work for the government.

    BTW, It’s just like the government to wait until the last minute – one of our Santa Clarita real estate buyers was going to be furloughed on Friday.

    It was only a couple of days – whew – she is happy as are we.

    Also, thanks to Mr/Mrs seller for having the patience while the government shutdown was occurring – they are to be applauded.

    So, what does it mean when you want to buy a home and are searching on-line when you come across real estate listings for 1 dollar?

    It means you are about to get taken.  Maybe there is some place in the country where you can stand on the court house steps and pick up a tax lien property for a buck.  However, I’d love to see where that is, I’d be moving tomorrow 🙂

    That ‘s a way to get you to give up your personal and private information.  They want you to tell them who you are by requesting more information.

    Be careful – you can avoid real estate pitfalls such as this by using the local Real estate agents website.  Search on line and if you are in the Greater Los Angeles or within the Santa Clarita Valley cities, where REMAX’s Paris911 Team is Head Quartered, use our Multiple Listing Search Website.

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