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    Buyers want smart kitchen spaces and the Number 1 Buyer Mistake

    Just a quick YouTube video showing the number one mistake that even Veteran Home buyers make when wanting to buy real estate.

    Kitchens are the new Green…

    I’d say that almost every single buyers agent has reported intel, such as this, back to myself and Paris.

    Kitchen spaces, buyers want them moreBuyers are looking for that “entertainable and comfortable” space within the kitchen.

    Somewhere they can sit down with their friends/family and have it become the focal point over good food, fun, drinks and conversation.

    In Sales, most will tell you that if you are invited into a potential sellers home, and they invite you to have a seat in their kitchen, you are being treated like family.

    Creating a lounge space in the Valencia CA and Santa Clarita kitchens, involves blending one space into the other, creating open yet defined spaces that compliment one another and create a coziness  that all can enjoy.

    Whether modern or classic these spaces have one thing in common, a great place to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and the paper, or a spot to sit and chat over a martini.

    Many homes are steering away from the formal, or at the very least are offering numerous informal spaces for a more relaxed lifestyle.

    Within the new Santa Clarita home communities, we are also watching these same trends, and those homes are put together by professional real estate designers and trend experts.

    While many still appreciate the formal dining room, more appreciate close, cozy spaces for immediate family and friends to sit back and enjoy one another’s company. If you are considering a remodel of your kitchen there are some great ideas out there to inspire your style.

    Comfort in the kitchen is a popular design trend. The kitchen is the most popular room in a home and it is no surprise that many homeowners make remodeling efforts that include comfortable seating areas that create a lounge like atmosphere.

    If you have a spacious kitchen would you consider creating a comfortable space that begged people to sit, hang out and enjoy one another’s company?

    As stated in the commentary on the YouTube video above, related to one of the biggest mistakes a buyer of real estate can make, whether they are a Veteran or Novice, hire the best real estate agent you can find.

    Even if you have been referred or introduced to a real estate agent by your closest friend or family member, make sure you are interviewing more than one Realtor.  You will know the best when you find them.  It will all “click” and you will be able to get what you want.

    Be safe – Search well and thanks for watching and checking out the New Kitchens.

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