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    I’m Connor MacIvor – your Santa Clarita Realtor.

    Connor MacIvor: 00:00 Fellow agents I’m Connor.

    Connor MacIvor: 00:03 Anyway I wanted to reach out to my fellow real estate agents they’ve been asking me to do a recording about how to keep yourself safe from getting scammed with people calling you and saying hey we’re the next best thing in advertising use us pay us this amount of money we’ll be able to make sure that you get all the business in the world. Somebody give you three things to think about whenever you get these phone calls. Now of course we don’t have a lot of time I know a lot of us are very busy but occasionally you’re going to get that phone call you’re going to get that e-mail or you’re going to get that pitch in your office by somebody some company some person and they’re going to say hey you know we’re going to be able to take you to the next level Mr. and Mrs. agent you’re going to be so amazingly popular. You’re not going to believe it. So one of the things that I would do if we had. I’ll give you an example I had a call a few days ago that’s kind of preempted this also some of you asking for me to do it and a phone call it was basically a gentleman who was the lead into trying to offer me a service.

    Connor MacIvor: 01:05 And what basically he said was you know we’re going to be able to place you on page 1 on Google which is where you need to be and we’re going to be able to do this for forty-nine ninety-nine a month.

    Connor MacIvor: 01:18 We’re going to be able to have I.D. X you know those listings that are on Zillow and real is if you know I don’t understand. But yeah I know you do too. He said those are going to be on your Web site. So release it. Yes, he said As a matter of fact for every single listing on the market. And in Southern California, if you’re listening to this from here we’re around 11 grand currently and we’re February 1st, 2018. So it’s about 11000 Lesnick. We’re going to build separate pages for those. Oh my gosh. So I said this is something like diverse solutions offers that idea express option in their WordPress sites or the blog right here so I don’t know anything about. Okay well.

    Connor MacIvor: 02:00 And what else he said well not only that but the only way you’re going to get to be on page 1 is by content. So OK so you’re going to help me with the content he said well that’s what the site does. It basically generates automatic content for every single listing is posted up there. You’re going to be the one it’s going to be behind it. So while the consumer searching they’re going to be searching for real estate in Santa Clarita they’re going to be fine. I said Really. So you’re going to have me Page One with 50 bucks a month for real estate and the keywords real estate incentive. The keyword phrase. So right after that moment, he got confused. He wasn’t exactly sure what I was asking but you could tell he had heard something so he said immediately you know what I really kind of just a contact person to see if people are interested with this fantastic deal. But the person that you need to talk to is going to be the programmer of the tech side they’ll be able to share with you exactly how this works. So that’s that’s red flag number three or number four throughout this entire conversation. So let me give you these three things to ask for. Now here’s here’s the red flag. OK. The only way you’re going to get to page one organic and beat out Zillow and truly in real number one you can pay for placement paper click or if you do have lots of content and you are out there and people are sharing you you’re engaging with other agents and that means engaging means you write this article like for example you’re watching this or listening to this.

    Connor MacIvor: 03:34 This particular audio podcast housing radio dot com that’s what we do all of our other stuff with regard to real estate. This is an agent to help broadcast that I’m doing today. Therefore it’s probably going to get listened to and traded around pretty good.

    Connor MacIvor: 03:50 And maybe if somebody’s searching you don’t have to be scammed.

    Connor MacIvor: 03:55 As a real estate agent or whatever it might pop up on page one or close to it given time with this-this is the only thing I would do though I would do this podcast. I would also upload this to YouTube in audio format. And then I would also take it and write an article about it potentially also transcribing the content and I would do that automatically or via software engine. But at least you can still do it. So then I would have all of this verbiage having been put into this particular article. So that again what is that well that’s content right.

    Connor MacIvor: 04:34 So that’s how I’m going to help me get to that first page of Google. But again real estate is a crowded space like insurance and lawyers and legal oh my gosh that’s a crowded space and what I mean is those spaces in the organic section of Google they carry a premium if you want to pay per click. And that’s kind of how you judge and areas see how busy it is if you want to get the paperclip campaign for people searching for squirrel taxidermy probably wouldn’t be tough and it probably is very cheap. I don’t know how many people are searching for squirrel taxidermy. But again if you’re looking for use squirrel parts or maybe you lost an eyeball you need an arm and a leg.

    Connor MacIvor: 05:19 Maybe there’s a market for that if you build websites around them maybe build a blog start writing about your squirrel taxidermy business.

    Connor MacIvor: 05:29 I would imagine somebody searching they’re going to find your page 1 organically without too much trouble. That space probably isn’t very crowded. Same with naked mole rats I know there was copy blogger lady that threw that out there and again that was nothing until she started talking about it. Using that as an example again not a very crowded space. Real estate. Oh my gosh. You have the real estate syndication website Zillow and Trulia you have those out there you have other large brokerages Remax Redfin Coldwell Banker These are all competing for space rent a realtor dot com and so on.

    Connor MacIvor: 06:03 They’re all competing for that page one place placement they want to be there when people are searching for real estate and not just nationally. They want to be there for people searching for real estate at a local level because that’s going to help their agents succeed and potentially some of these Web sites they’re going to be selling as you know people’s personal and private information to people willing to pay for it such as US agents right. Zillow truly they got the market cornered on that and they’re page 1. While you’re wondering well why are they then paying for ads. Because on page one you can also see these major Web sites paying for ad space. Well, it shouldn’t help and it’s not supposed. But you know these companies are paying tens-hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Connor MacIvor: 06:43 I would venture to say to be in those spaces and the paperclip campaigns I can’t help but think that you know they might be loved a little bit more maybe when it comes to the organic results.

    Connor MacIvor: 06:54 But Google says that’s not the case. But again I don’t know. They’re saying it’s not the case. We’ve got to go with it because the biggest in the business and that’s where they’re currently. But again they’re paying for ad space so they’re also you’re seeing them twice so the people that are visiting Google they’re seeing Zillow at the top of the bowl. How do you do that? Paper click campaigns they can be anywhere from three dollars per click and maybe last to a lot more. 20 twenty dollars a click and it depends on how busy that space is.

    Connor MacIvor: 07:25 Real estate like I said very expensive law firms legal insurance very expensive. That paper collects stuff is way up every day somebody clicks. That’s going to be 1920 box when they do Klegg. Where are they going? Wow. So you say you know what. Connor coming I’m going to spend a thousand dollars a month or pay per click ads. OK well, where are you going to put it where I’m going to go all Edit Google. Oh great. So you go there and somebody clicks on your link. Where are they going? Are they going to something interesting or are they going to someplace that’s going to have them clicking off in a matter of seconds not capturing their interests? Something to consider. So wherever you are advertising if you’re paying for it make sure those links are going to places that are of interest. An example about a video of maybe an audio recording if you can get them to click on a video.

    Connor MacIvor: 08:25 Everybody understands the YouTube format so that makes sense to people so when they see that they’re going to click. You know that’s what’s going to be something that they’re more than likely going to just automatically click on.

    Connor MacIvor: 08:35 Well you have a few seconds to give your elevator speech and have them happy and want to maybe take that next step which would be either registering to search or asking a question or giving up some piece of personal information.

    Connor MacIvor: 08:49 So you can assist them in some way shape or form either now or sometime in the future as they designate that’s what you’re looking for. That’s now a real conversion and potentially that was worth at least 20 bucks for that click. But they did get a lot of Lokey lose a lot of other people.

    Connor MacIvor: 09:08 So be wary with that. There’s really no way around the tire kicker people are going to be looking but a lot and a lot of cases they’re going to be seeing the syndication sites kind of at the beginning and then maybe they’ll start doing longer searches more inclusive searches or maybe something more specific when that happens then potentially if you’re writing good content. And again sharings important folks don’t be a taker. Also be a share of other agents content. I wouldn’t do the same city. I’m not going to share anybody else’s content here but I would share some of these content Bacchis. Bill Gasset for example or Katrina are these other people that I happen to follow that are big in the social media around of real estate. I will share their stuff. Also as they will mine. So it does work out. So let me give you the three things.

    Connor MacIvor: 10:01 The first thing when they do call you or they do send you this e-mail and it does look absolutely interesting and again they’re looking for a conversion to maybe it’s via spam. Maybe they’re just calling you because they’re trying to they’re not doing it the legal way. Maybe you have your phone number that they’re calling on a Do Not Call list.

    Connor MacIvor: 10:18 The federal Do Not Call list or whatever it is. But anyway they’re calling right. So you pick up the phone a counter with ReMax how can I help you they say yes I’m Mr. MacGuyver I’m just calling. Are you still up. Yes, sir surrenders any buyers and sellers are in Santa Cruz. Oh yes, I am. They say you know we have we have an ad.

    Connor MacIvor: 10:38 And can you can you. Are you able to handle more buyers and more and more sellers of course? Who’s going to say no? No not completely full up so busy can’t stand it. So I say Sure absolutely I can say you know what we have this thing. So now before he gets deep reach out and say listen just so I know you are really quick at the beginning and they will be. They’re going to be super fast. Give me your name the company name. What’s your name? OK, my name is Bob OK. Great Bob. Bob What. Bob Smith great. Now Bob what’s your company name.

    Connor MacIvor: 11:13 And he gives it to you and Jen or you know gee Moli or whatever it is. And then also after you get that company name get their address and real quick Google Maps map your address. Is this a one bedroom apartment or a studio you know somewhere or is this a real brick and mortar real live. You know people accountable business what is this.

    Connor MacIvor: 11:35 Now I’m not trying to slam the guy in the studio that’s trying to make some money and maybe does a fantastic job and does everything he promises he’ll do and backs up everything in writing úřad. Good for him and maybe he is your best bet. But if they’re trying to portray themselves as something as they’re not something that they’re not maybe of concern to some people. So I would ask that I’d go to that and find out.

    Connor MacIvor: 12:02 And then you know confront him on each thing and if he has just as to why they don’t either be brick and mortar or they can be virtual or in the cloud or whatever it is then you know you buy it or you don’t buy it. Next day I would look at number two if they’re offering you something new the new thing like not new.

    Connor MacIvor: 12:21 New but there are these follow me as you’ve seen them. You go in there and you search you even at home. You have you have Oleksy of Echo you one of those items may be the Google one or the others that are out there and you’re talking to your family about toilet paper maybe you ask the device itself. Then all of a sudden you see ads for toilet paper popping up all over the place around you. These are followeth. That’s that’s something that the systems out there people can actually create ads in that space. So when somebody does a search for houses or real estate wherever they go they go back to their Facebook. As long as they still have that same browser connection those cookies enabled they’re going to start seeing your stuff pop up over the right-hand margin in the ads. Same thing on the others and the other social media sites. So it’s going to follow them if they go to another site. Maybe they’re interested in what the Kardashians did this week and they look at those ads at the bottom they’re going to run into the ad maybe midstream or some or was they’re reading this particular article again. These are places where you pay for that kind of place but you want proof of that and you’re going to want whatever they’re telling you with regard to these follow me things or anything new. And this Web 2.0 crap that people are trying to sell you are going to want to get that in writing. This shouldn’t be hey let me give you a credit card. Forty-nine hundred nine a month we’re going to pay the start of B of A billion dollars today and we’re going to get it. This getting in this space shouldn’t be quick. Then even if it’s 50 bucks a month you should at least get some kind of verification and see there into the numbers. Right. They want to call the 50 top agents on google and do those deals in a day because that’s how they make their money. Well if it’s worth it more than likely they’re not going to be reaching out to you over the phone. You’re going to be finding them somewhere or getting that referral or seeing them on. But again not in all cases. Sometimes the deals do call you on the phone. But again you want to get it in writing. Number third place that they’re going to talk about is Ganic there in a talk. Page 1 they’re going to give you all this whiz-bang stuff and it’s going to really excite you because you’ve seen you know Zillow on truly these other syndication sites or syndication sites being Page One realtor dot com and all which is are you know of course are our lobby. But again here we are page 1. You’re going to want to ask for and this is you know when they’re talking to you about placement they said well we’re in each one oh you’re going to give page one for what keyword or what keyword phrase. And then they’re going to pause a little bit as this can do the other day. So I need you to talk to my technical the technical guy because it’s really not.

    Connor MacIvor: 15:00 I really don’t know exactly the inner workings but all I do is make the contact and if somebody is interested I ask them a lot. Hurrah. Great. Here’s the thing. Sorry about that little cough. Here’s the thing. I’ll give you an example local market Santa Clarita real estate tough that keyword is tough to score for our number one number one keyword out here. And if you do that search it’s going to depend on the device and your search history as to what results come up. The paper Kleck you’re going to be very expensive in that realm could be you know five dollars depending on the time of day depending on the device depending on how they have the ads set up could be 20 bucks 25 bucks 30 bucks per click. Now don’t fret you’re if you’re an age of the God I don’t know if I want to get a paperclip. I know all my competitors are going to go click on me and cost me a lot of money. Well once they click on you from a particular device is not going to charge in the next time. So as you get through everybody that you’re not going to have to sweat it. But at this particular case in his pitch, I asked him what keywords or keyword phrases. It’s going to be difficult to get on that page one organic unless it’s a really long tail keywords search phrase gated homes in Santa Clarita within the valencias Summit is an example of a very long keyword phrase that one couple articles a couple of links. You might be able to get page one but how many people are searching for that. Not very many but the ones that are there serious iconic ivory hope this gave some guidance to my fellow agents because I’ll tell you there’s a lot of scams out there and I know you see it and you’ve gotten the calls and it was just time I think I put something like this together. It gets much deeper there’s a lot more information it may have enough 20 minutes of your time and hope you enjoyed it. Please share with your friends even in other businesses. It’s not the case that it doesn’t exist and it’s still there. People are calling local businesses because they have access to it. All they do is Google and then they pick up the phone and they call and they do a lot of that and there’s a lot of businesses that are also getting scammed others like iconic. Ivor, please share. Hopefully, this will help you be safe. And if you’re looking for me online you can easily find me on Facebook. Facebook dot com forward slash Paris 9 1 1 fans. Thanks.

    If you have taken the time to listen to today’s real estate housing radio show, thank you. I will let you know that I am very hopeful you have found this dissertation on SEO and PPC sales people useful. Some spin SEO and PPC as the holy grail of real estate agent leads. This is not true and all things are not equal.

    Let me know if this helps you and thanks for taking the time to listen to it.

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