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    Breaking Santa Clarita News – 3.5% interest rates and more!

    Apparently Attorneys are not inoculated against all forms of monetary recompense.  Interest Rates are super low – last week several of our clients were locked in at 3.5% by Augusta Financial and Mike Meena’s Team.  Increased call volume at a Non-profit help center for foreclosures may reveal the Future Wave of Foreclosures.paris911 team at remax

    So much real estate related news is on the wire every day. The following are the latest articles that we have scoured the internet for that are related to the Santa Clarita real estate community.  Be Safe and please click on the photo to subscribe and join our Real Estate Conversation!

    Attorney get’s hit by court for 75K for filing “merit-less” lawsuits.  Real Estate Related because he was going after the Big Bank in the “Show me the Note” theory.  You may have heard of the “Robo-signing” that the banks participated in?  Once the story broke – out of the woodwork they came – Those in the Legal Professions and from Private Organizations promising “unicorns, sunshine and cotton-candy”.  Apparently the Minnesota courts had enough.  Read the rest of the Story Here.

    How about interest rates at 3.5%?  That is what Mike Meena, an awesome Lender HQ’d in the Santa Clarita Valley, told us last week on our Santa Clarita real estate Radio show.  One of the economic factors pressing rates down further has to do with unemployment.  On the wire – a few days later the following article appeared – Click here to read…

    Could Increased call volume to the HOPE hotline be the indicator we are on top of another Foreclosure Wave?  Where there is smoke there is fire.  When Call volume increases to a non-profit origination that has been established to give Factual information to the homeowners that are starting to feel distressed – it could be an indication of things to come.  Read more of the article here.

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