Bravo for Santa Clarita real estate health – more listings coming Look at the current realty prices in SCV cities. – Look at the current real estate inventory numbers for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

    Emergency Service GND Program

    Today we finished our bi monthly newsletter that will be posted, in our usual cryptic fashion, available by going to our Main Santa Clarita real estate website typing into the MacBoX the numerically formatted date of 01152014.

    Or – If you want to see what all of the excitement is about, beyou can go to our YouTube Channel and see the latest video that we had posted

    While we have completed the show, at the time of our Santa Clarita Real Estate daily show, we have not completed the upload to our systems and have not assigned the page yet.

    That should be done in the next couple of hours after our Santa Clarita real estate networking meetings.

    Wednesdays – Hump Day, the day where the top producing real estate agents get together and discuss buyer and seller needs.

    That is how our real estate team has been able to bless our clients when it comes to helping them get what they want when it comes to buying a home, condo or town-home. We also talk about our sellers in these meetings and have sold listings before they had entered the “resale” market.

    When it comes to buying homes and representing buyers and sellers of real estate, the best thing you can do is work with a local “connected” real estate agent.

    Make sure your Realtor has experience

    We talked a bit on the “bi monthly report” about real estate brokers. They are great, but being a “broker” does not mean you know more than the experienced real estate agent.

    In fact, there have been many times that we have been working with “brokers”, that knew very little when it came to representing their buyers and sellers of real estate.

    The same goes for the real estate agents, sometimes we tie up with those that don't pack the gear to serve in the real estate trenches for their real estate clients.

    We gave some intel on the YouTube show reference to the latest Foreclosure buzz words that have started being thrown around again, “Shadow Inventory”…

    “If I had a dime for every time “shadow inventory” has been discussed on line and within the real estate blog – o – sphere, I'd have several hundreds of dollars 🙂

    While Foreclosures appear to be the “best real estate deals” in the world, and to be promised access to a lot of real estate inventory via the Bank Owned route, be weary of who's doing the promising.

    It may be a trick, it may be a game, it may be a hook to get you to give up who you are so your personal and private information can be sold to a bunch of hungry real estate agents.

    Check out the latest Bi Monthly update to see more explanation about Foreclosures, Bank Owned and Shadow inventory.

    The place that our clients can buy a home at at 50% discount – the Good Neighbor Next Door Program, is alive and well. We gave a quick explanation on who qualifies and how to search for these HUD foreclosures.

    Hud Foreclosures are the foreclosures that the department of Housing and Urban Development have on their books.

    Good Neighbor Properties are also HUD foreclosures, but not all HUD foreclosures are on the Good Neighbor Program.

    I went into detail on our latest Bi Monthly update as well reference to the GND program.

    Enjoy the resources and reach out to my Paris911 Team of Santa Clarita Realtors when you are ready to MOVE It!!!!


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