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    Beware of these common mistakes when buying or selling Santa Clarita real estate

    Love our Santa Clarita radio show and videosWhen wanting to buy or sell Santa Clarita Real Estate, or real estate anywhere for that matter, make sure you are reading everything that your real estate agent is placing in front of you to sign.

    Not only the signature pages but the pages requiring your initials too.

    The BEST Santa Clarita Real Estate agents will also explain the documents to you chapter and verse, not allowing you to sign anything without a chance for you to ask the “expert” questions.

    During the time in which you are interviewing the Santa Clarita Realtors, make sure you ask them if they are going to explain everything to you before you have to sign.

    Some agents do this “ass backwards”, sending docusign(a digital online signing system) to their clients, without explaining document number one. ┬áThe better way, if this is the agreed upon approach to the documents, is to send a real copy to the client, then see if they have any questions upon further review.

    However, while some clients want it done this way, it is not the best practice and involves a lot of “trust” when it comes to the Sales Professional.

    Our Past Clients, those that have utilized our Real Estate Team’s Services are typically this type of real estate buyer/seller their second go around with our local REMAX of Valencia CA Realtor Team.

    Trust has already been established and they are confident that we will continue with our code and do things in the “best way possible” on their behalf.

    Be safe – Search for Santa Clarita real estate well and make sure you are speaking with only the professionals in the local markets before hiring one.

    We have a rule that it’s best to speak with at least three agents before selecting one.


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