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    This entire show has been transcribed via a computer software program. It’s mostly right on, however, there could be some strange anomalies. BTW – Connor MacIvor is the Valencia Agent (real estate).

    Valencia Agent: 00:00 Good day everybody welcomes to housing radio dot com Connor MacIvor thank you so much. This is the longest running real estate broadcast for real estate here in Santa Clarita Valley – very happy to present to a lot of great information. Today I want to talk about something that we do not do. We, of course, represent buyers and sellers with real estate choices investing first-time buyers veteran buyers any kind of buyer any kind of seller. However in the residential realm at least that’s going to include condos townhomes single-family residence although we have to stay. Luxury homes and mansions if you’re talking about Bella Beverly Hills where your great contact point for all of that but on the other side we’re going to talk about loans and lending which we don’t do. We do know a lot of great people in that particular business.

    Valencia Agent: 00:45 That will give me some ways to best protect yourself when it comes to applying for that home loan and you’re going to see a lot of the Zero Dark Thirty hour commercials out there if you happen to be up at that time. People tell you oh my gosh you know we’re going to give you the best deal on this loan. We’re going to promise you that that that nobody’s going to be able to beat us all. We’ll talk about that as well. First off though let’s talk about one of our sponsors.

    Valencia Agent: 01:09 When I say sponsor it’s not because they’re allowing me to talk about them it’s that we like their service and they’ve done this right at some point in the past and it’s good for a referral base to mention these folks. And this is one that really strikes me as being very honorable. In fact, I went on Yelp and gave a great five-star review. J David clothiers they have been instrumental in success with the way that I look at least outwardly and you can’t change anybody really right. But at least outwardly the suits the ties the vests the everything that you would adorn yourself when going into business or even casual where they have and have a great women’s life. And in fact, my kids have gone there also. And it’s really when you go in it’s it’s this aura of respect and honor. And realistically first time you’re going to feel like your family. It’s hard to find those sorts those sorts of local business. And

    Valencia Agent: 02:15 David he’s a local Cat here in Santa Clarita Valley grew up around Los Angeles so he knows that. And you know it’s like coming home. Just a very very nice guy very nice firm dry handshake just wonderful. The

    Valencia Agent: 02:32 whole staff there everybody is just really fantastic. And I had to give him a shout out. So you want to go there. I would suggest going through a portal that I built that reroutes you into his 25 series something that he’s put together. And this really brought a lot of tears to my eyes because we have a sign that his experience one of the things he’s talking about cancer Hodgkin’s lymphoma. So one of our boys has gone through this thus far. So, of course, he’s gone through chemo and remission but you know cancer tough it’s tough folks.

    Valencia Agent: 03:06 That’s something I wouldn’t wish on my enemy. Go to go SCV go see the dot-com for less twenty-five. Go see the dot-com forward slash twenty-five and look at this program and see what you think.

    Valencia Agent: 03:21 But he has a couple locations at the mall great for suits. Watch that video there. It will. It’s I’ll show you where this man’s heart is. It’s just beautiful. Go SCV that can for twenty-five so that’s a shout out to Jay David clothiers there near Valencia Town Center Mall just fabulous. You will look tense when you’re walking out of this place. All top shelf all day long. Let’s get into local inventory here. All of Southern California representing 1000 excuse me eleven thousand ninety-five listings currently for sale 326 active listings on the market here in the Senate creative cities. Just to give you an idea that’s horribly low. In fact, that’s ensuring that we are remaining in a seller’s market seller’s market meaning sellers are going to be holding most of the advantage when these properties do come on the market at least as of late.

    Valencia Agent: 04:16 Now that we’re in January we’re seeing the multiple offer scenarios start to come around. Many people writing offers on the properties a lot of viewings very very fast right out of the gate. Also in addition to that if in fact, you want to go to a system that’s going to be SSL secured and safe SCV ness dot com you can also access that via housing radio.

    Valencia Agent: 04:37 Dotcom when you go there you’ll see the top part of your browser you’ll see it’s green and secure you’ll see a little lock there depending on which browser you’re using which is going to guarantee your safety and security when searching on our system. And I believe I’m one of the only locals that have an SSL Secure website source besides the big boys. But the big boy’s Web sites as far as Zillow and Trulia. You

    Valencia Agent: 05:01 have to be careful because they’ve been engineered built with the idea of basically taking any personal information you give up and selling that to one of the locals here that’s willing to pay for it local agents. You

    Valencia Agent: 05:13 might as well just skip all that B.S. and get to housing radio dot com and use that particular system there to search for all real estate here in Santa Clarita Valley including these 326 active listings and then all of the actives there in Southern California almost 12 while 7100 so it’s 11000 and 95 red dozen places posted currently active 31. And we have luxury homes that are over a million plus 75 foreclosures 140 that’s in all of Southern California. Not a lot of bank-owned inventory that’s going to be preempted for this month and I think we’re going to see that going through in the next several. Now something that nobody’s talking about Dokka whether you’re into it or not the dreamers and how they’re going to work this out whether you’re for you know cutting them off and sending them back or keeping them here.

    Valencia Agent: 06:03 Bottom line is is that could impact the real estate market a little bit if there is nobody to absorb or continue paying on that real estate and they do push all these people back for temporary or whatever it may be that could have a little bit of a shakeup to the real estate world as well something maybe to watch. Is it going to be that much weather not just here in Southern California? So it might not be that much of an impact but it could. So it’s fair to kind of throw that in the mix. If anything I think that could cause some foreclosure additional foreclosure a majority come on the market again if there’s nobody left here. You can’t it’s hard to support housing in different areas and I’m not going to say ethical or not. You know it’s kind of pain you know you’re here with us and your kid.

    Valencia Agent: 06:51 But again that’s something to think about as far as looking at it from a blind business view it could have some impact on real estate emotional view pain point.

    Valencia Agent: 07:03 Yeah that’s that’s rough. That’s a rough life to see how that works out. Hopefully, it will be all the best for these folks and the fairest thing possible that could happen will happen.

    Valencia Agent: 07:15 Let’s talk about getting your best deal on mortgages now.

    Valencia Agent: 07:18 I’m I’m not a big fan of the online non-brick and mortar mortgage companies just because the end of the day you don’t know who you’re dealing with. Yeah, there on the other side the phone they sound great. You know they’re all wonderful people but at the end of the day if something does go sideways how is it that you’re going to enforce your point of view. Sure you can send a very strong e-mail maybe an e-mail video as we send maybe you can you know yell at them over the telephone.

    Valencia Agent: 07:54 By the end of the day when it comes to the Searching for homes is easy – Buying is hard, here is a why closing table and you’re ready to get that loan funded. And all of a sudden they come on so while we waited for a few more documents or you’re I’m sorry we can’t find yet. We’re going to have to give it a little while because we need this or that that starts to be a little painful.

    Valencia Agent: 08:14 My recommendation gets what they’re going to give you if that’s where you want to start. I would more suggest starting with a local lender having that local lender run your credit being introduced to that local lender by somebody that can run interference because we don’t want the bad attitude. Right. If you decide to go somewhere else you should be able to go wherever you want. If that local lender that you’re being referred to isn’t you know your ball of cheese. They should be able to move on to somebody else without them getting their upsetness setting in without them being angry without them making you feel like whenever somebody you know they did something wrong they should be fortunate in and blast and happy and all the other the other fancy words that are coming to them for business.

    Valencia Agent: 09:09 So in fact when that does happen if  you are looking for that loan and you are reaching out to them and they start to change and have an attitude with you call that local agent that you’re using and if it’s us and one of our lenders will definitely take care of it are going to cost less and just relax I don’t want to use you. You weren’t able to match it. And sometimes those things can be saved. Sometimes it comes down to you know maybe having to take one for the team maybe discount a little bit to be able to match these other these other lenders out there. Also just so you know if anybody’s promises that something promises you something as far as interest rate or not you not having to pay an appraisal fee or you’re getting a discount on the lenders fees or whatever it may be may be a discount on the origination and no point loan they haven’t put it in writing say you know thank you so much you’re wonderful.

    Valencia Agent: 10:08 Would you mind sitting in an e-mail stating that. So so I can keep record and Blamey say you know my agent says because that’s what I would expect my client to do if I’m telling them something about a residence or if I was saying you know they’re asking me out of his place at Melrose and I’m sending them the tax rolls at the end of the day and I’m saying no it doesn’t and then all of a sudden it does I expect them to hold me accountable or I would tell them you guys are going to have to investigate your salvors the phone number to call and you do it. But at the end of the day, my word is the only thing I have to hold onto.

    Valencia Agent: 10:42 That’s my bond. The same thing with anybody in any other part of the real estate profession. Follow up with them with an e-mail. Having them verify to you that what they’re telling you happens to be the case and it’s not offensive. It’s always easy. Hey, Jack, it’s Connor. Listen we were talking on the phone yesterday about your not charging me points in origination on the loan. And also you’ve given me three points to five interest rate if we were going to lock this week. Would you do it? And please reach out to me and let me know that this is the case. And then I understand it correctly. And if not where I’m wrong to send them that and you have had that cough that has been going on for the last three weeks feeling like I’ve broken ribs I’m trying not to cough.

    Valencia Agent: 11:27 Everybody has a fantastic day. That’s it for me. Connor MacIvor housing radio. We are here for the week of January 16 day after Martin Luther King Day and we will talk to you very very soon. Meanwhile SCD blog Dot Com that’s going to get you right on our blog Channel. You’ll be able to read those articles. You’ll be able to also see a really rough transition transcription of today’s real estate radio show where I gave tribute to Jay David clothiers out of Valencia mall there.

    Valencia Agent: 11:57 A Westville here in Santa Clarita Valley just fantastic place. Got to get in.

    Valencia Agent: 12:02 Yes I twenty-five store that’s what go SCV dot forward slash 25 is going to take you to go see the dot-com forward slash 25 the number 25 type and two five after that forward slash after the dot-com after .com. Right. So punch that in and it will take you right to the 25 and it will explain what that is and how that works in the other business of why he even started that. That wonderful wonderful program. Connor McGyver thank you for tuning in. Be safe on the radio dot com toll from.

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