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    I believe in good Santa Clarita real estate intel and that our clients come first

    I Believe in something bigger than myselfI believe in God, I believe in the American Dream, I believe in the Red White and Blue, and I believe that no one should be screwed in a real estate transaction.

    Welcome to Sunday’s real estate update folks.

    We have been around the real estate world, full time, just three years after we bought our first home and were “almost” taken by the Santa Clarita real estate agent we chose to represent us.

    Funny thing is, I still see him today at some of the local functions.  We are civil, I’m sure he hates that I’m his competitor now.

    Me, I keep my eyes on my own work and compete with myself.  I mandate our Paris911 Team of Top Producing SCV Agents does the same.

    With that, we have been able to grow each and every year, Blessed to have some of the BEST real estate clients on the planet for sure.

    Blessed to be represented by a Great Santa Clarita real estate company.

    Blessed to know that we are Blessed…

    We have been working hard for our clients, so they continue to have the Edge when working with our real estate team.

    Talking and obtaining the “off market” real estate inventory for them from the connections we have within the Santa Clarita real estate networking groups our agents are members of.

    You would be surprised how many real estate agents get very “friendly” when they know you work with a lot of buyers. They also really “warm up” when they discover that you also carry a lot of real estate listings.

    I’d Venture to say in your life, you would rather deal with someone you know that is of “strong character” than a loose cannon that does not respect anyone?

    The same goes in real estate. Typically, top producing real estate agents, those responsible for selling 85+% of the local real estate inventory in the Santa Clarita real estate Valley cities, frequent the same circles.

    We communicate to each other those listings that we have in contract, but are not on the market as of yet. We also convey to one another the buyers we are working with and their needs.

    A lot of “pre market” deals occur between Top Producing Santa Clarita real estate agents and realtors.  Make sure that is who you hire to represent you when it comes to selling or buying anything in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.  Be safe – Happy Sunday, again and if you are venturing out to view Open Houses, make sure your Santa Clarita Realtor gives you the low down as to how you should handle the agent hosting the open home.



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