Begin with the end in mind

    Beginning with the end in mind is not as easy as one might think. If it were we’d never commit those personal fouls in life. Not to mention our content would get a massive amount of retweets and comments.

    If you don’t start with asking for someone to like your post or to retweet it first, before getting to your brain dump, the viewer might never get there. Surprisingly, when people are viewing a webpage, their eyes are probably not tracking as yours are. You are the creator and your view of what you have written is a totally different ball game from your reader.

    One of the most difficult parts of our real estate blogging and writing efforts is building a platform as seen from the consumers eye. So we ask. How are you searching for real estate and what do you like about those platforms?

    We then take the input and build a similar platform. It works and our clients searching for real estate have never been happier.


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