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    Become a Featured Partner of The Paris911 Team

    You won’t win a toaster…

    By becoming a Featured Partner of the Paris911 team, you might not win a toaster, but you will get a bit more “Google Juice”. We Santa Clarita business marketinghave a Keyword Friendly URL -Paris911.com and are implementing Sponsored Ads with Optimization.


    BTW – this is sent by invitation only.  We have to protect those that trust us with their real estate needs and require any one that we “partner with” do the same with regard to their service or product.

    Any Business, Service Producer – any Vendor…

    If you are a Real Estate Related Vendor – GREAT.  If your business has nothing whatsoever to do with Real Estate – GREAT!

    If you are a Realtor and want to create a “Referral Relationship” – We are all in…. It’s all Good…  But, Please reciprocate!!!!

    Get us the info and I will have your business proudly displayed on our Featured Partner Page of our Paris911.com!

    We will also build you a Tiny URL that is Paris911.com friendly with your business so we can facilitate sharing across all of our Social Media sites.

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