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    Bad Photos of Santa Clarita homes for sale are also worth a thousand words

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    BEST Rated real estate agents in the Santa Clarita ValleySometimes the Santa Clarita real estate radio show does not perform a Daily Update.  Most of the time it does, in fact today we won’t.

    When looking on-line for real estate and homes for sale, even if you are doing it the “right way” by searching with a local Realtor’s Website that is empowered and charged with the Internet Data Exchange that comes directly from the Local Boards of Realtors MLS data, there are some properties that have crappy photos.

    Realtors being shot at…

    Those photos are taken by agents that don’t care or that are being shot at as they drive by 🙂

    The “shot at” thing, while not true, may be somewhat accurate.  I cannot believe that there is any agent in today’s time that does not get the fact that “photographs” equate to thousands of impressions on-line.

    However, sometimes “tenants” have not been informed their home is going to be listed for sale(believe it or not). Sometimes, the bank is mandating the sale of a home and the home owners are angry at the process, thereby wanting to take it out on the real estate agent who represents the banks (believe it or not)…

    But for the most part, bad photos are due to “non caring” realtors when they list properties for sale.  Lazy real estate agents are also to blame when there are substandard photographs of properties appearing on-line.

    Even Realtors search for homes

    That includes those of us that are searching for homes that may fit our clients needs.  That also includes the clients that are searching for their dream home on line as well.

    When we, or our clients, come across a photo or a listing lacking photos, we cannot help but think there is something wrong.  “Maybe the property does not have a kitchen cabinet system because someone ripped it out?” Would be what most would think with no photos of the kitchen.  Or We’d at least think the kitchen is the “deal killer”, therefore they did not take any photos of it.

    The same goes for other “focal points” in homes.  There must be a photo of the living/family area of the home.  The place where most of the residents are going to be spending most of their time when at home…

    Good Photos back up the descriptions

    Also, if the verbiage, on the description reference the home for sale, talks and boasts about the “entertainers back yard” – then there should be some photos showing this attribute off to those prospective real estate buyers in the world.  And not with a “fisheye” lens either.  True renditions make people feel comfortable.

    When they are looking at photographs or virtual tours that are “distorting” reality, they are going to “not trust” the agent, listing or the seller.

    Be real- take too many photos, gather together your best and publish them when you enter the property into the MLS(immediately) – Multiple Listing Service and when you talk about your sellers listing on your internet websites and when you build your Virtual Tours.

    Some Syndication sites drop the ball!

    Another thing, notice that I said to upload the photographs you have taken immediately?  That is because, not every single home hunter is going to heed my advice about staying off of the “real estate syndication” websites.  To only search on a Local Agent’s website that is empowered with the IDX.  Some of those “large syndication websites” only pull data every few days.  If you don’t have the photos placed at the onset – you may not have photos on your sellers listing for days….

    Excuses are like As$%@&#s…

    That is truly bad service when you have to explain to your Santa Clarita real estate sellers why the photos of their home are not showing up on the website they are viewing on-line.

    Be safe – and let us know when you are ready to MOVE.  We have a great team in place to help our clients get what they want in real estate.

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