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    Are you really going to try to steal a client from me the day after hump day????

    This is one of those rare occasions where another agent tries, overtly, to take a client from a Realtor and make them their own.

    There are promises of “long walks on the beach”, the promise of always having “open ears”, and “always loving absolutely and completely…”

    Or at least promises that are related to real estate – here are those…

    • I get listings all the time before they hit the market – your agent doesn’t.real estate lies - be careful
    • I work at a more famous company than your agent.
    • Your agent is not part of the same “more advanced” networking groups that I’m within.
    • I’m local – your agent won’t have a prayer because they HQ’d 30 miles away.
    • I get listings, and would be able to “slip you in”…

    I get listings all the time before they hit the market

    Tell me something that I don’t know.  Most agents, if they are plugged in, get the same.  However, how many connections does it take to get to the center of a client’s heart?  How about looking at where your agent ranks on the ladder.  If they are within the top 10 at a Reputable company, you should be golden.

    More Famous Company 🙂

    This one may be a better “c blocking” mechanism.  Those agents with larger and more famous branding typically sell more real estate because of the “referral networks/channels” that the Brokerage has established.

    Not part of the same Network

    Hogwash – Networking groups for Realtors are a dime a dozen.  Most networking groups have been put together so the “originator” can get “business from agents” and become part of the real estate agents “sphere of influence”, for their own selfish gain.  However, the best real estate networking groups and owned and attended by Realtors Only, with ZERO influence by real estate vendors.  When your Realtor is within an “exclusive networking group”, that could be an advantage – but to solicit another Realtors clients – We still are against that.

    I’m Local, your agent is not!

    We get this from time to time.  However, to use it as a ploy to attempt to take another Realtor’s Client – that will come back and bite you.  Local is GREAT – but, to be considered local, all a real estate agent has to do is to sell real estate and take listings in that particular city.  I know a lot of Realtors that live in Oakland, but do Real Estate in San Jose.  They may not have their office located in San Jose – but they are there every day, listing houses and representing real estate buyers.  They are good at what they do.  Do all of us a favor, leave the “local” card in your pocket when trying to solicit another realtors client.

    I get listings – I’ll slip you in…

    Sorry Charlie – this one has been stuck in my craw for the past few days.  We even did a couple of Audio Podcasts about it. How do you know the buyer you are trying to “high jack” is going to be the BEST buyer for your seller?  How do you balance that.  Are you going to be able to convince your real estate seller to only look at your buyer without having thousands of Hungry Real Estate agents have their buyers look at the home also?  If you are willing to set your seller up like that – maybe you should have your “head examined”…

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