Are you really going to be interviewing other agents when buying a home

    I have to say Kudos to You, if when making a buying decision you have decided to interview multiple real estate agents.

    Santa Clarita realtors shaking handsTypically, only owners, hiring a selling, aka listing agent, will interview multiple agents to see who is the best when it comes to selling homes. They are looking for those agents that have a proven track record, that are honest, and that are working with a bunch of buyers. They also are looking for that agent to be “well connected” within real estate circles.

    However, when buying, most buyers don’t take that “connected” part as seriously as a seller does. Buyers should. Real Estate buyers today need the best Santa Clarita real estate representative they can find. They need an agent that is connected, well known, all over the Internet, and with the ability to get the job done.

    The most common tenants of the most Successful Buyers Representatives within the Santa Clarita Valley are those agents that operate teams of Buyers Agents. We look at it like the “Claim Jumper Restaurant” approach to how they operate their business. You get the “main server”, in our case it’s the Team Leader of The Paris911 Team. You then are informed that everyone helps out with the serving, taking of orders, and to flag down anyone that works at the Restaurant at the moment you need anything. They explain that everyone on the staff works as a Team. You don’t have to wait until your specific waiter or waitress is finished serving others to get to your needs.

    With the best buyers agents in the Real Estate business, with 4 sets of eyes on every single buyer’s wants, needs and desires, with all 4 team members being action oriented and well connected in their own ways, buyers get what they want. Bringing Claim Jumper to Real Estate one client at a time 🙂

    BE safe, interview agents before you settle on one team or agent. Make sure you are also seeing them perform on-line and what they are about. Are they Data Oriented Agents, are they strict self promoters (probably not the best)? What are their Yelp Reviews and what are others in their social sphere saying about them. Great Questions, let us know when you are ready to interview the Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita CA. The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita website

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