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    • Another Santa Clarita Real Estate daily show – Buyers taking real estate into their own hands

    Another Santa Clarita Real Estate daily show – Buyers taking real estate into their own hands

    Have you seen this? We have heard incidences related to the Buyers taking real estate into their own hands. It never used to happen very often. Today, we are watching this “occur” more often.

    We answer real estate questions

    Taking baskets of fruit to sellers to get their offers accepted. Taking opera tickets and offering “under the table” cash deals.

    All is fair in love and war – except with the case of a Short Sale?? Or is it? Paris911.com/shortsales

    Recently at one of our short sale listings in the SCV, we had a real estate agent engage our seller about buying their appliances and giving them money for moving expenses – if their offer was accepted.

    Is that legal? By his actions, what does that agent do to the relationship between that seller and their listing agent?

    I can tell you this – the word FRAUD comes to mind – and it comes to mind in all Capital Letters. Something to watch out for with regard to speaking with other agents that are showing your home as a seller, if they engage you about items that are not concerning the home – but revolve around “under-table” deals – watch out.

    In fact, we tell our sellers that if an agent, other than us, speak with them in this “questionable at least” context, let us know so the chastising can begin.

    Agents know better, or they should. It is against the rules for a Short Sale Seller to profit from a Short Sale. All monies exchanges shall be approved by the bank that is approving their short sale.

    ALL Money!!!

    Imagine to our surprise when our client told us about the “offer” from the agent that showed the property to their clients and wrote an offer.

    Imagine the “shock” from that agent when I told them that my seller told me what they had discussed in “private”.

    It reminded me of my days as a new LAPD officer. The phrase, “That's not my dope, I don't know how that got here…” comes to mind 🙂

    Have a great day – tomorrow we will give you some intel and a resource about Santa Clarita bulk sale real estate. It will be fun for everyone and we hope you will join our local Santa Clarita real estate radio show at that time. Paris911.com is how you find information about our resources – local real estate and everything you could possibly want to know about our local market.

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