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    An example of our Video Email system when we submit offers on Santa Clarita real estate on behalf of our buyers


    When we are representing sellers and are receiving offers, it is mostly the same process.  Some of the less Tech savvy agents are still in the habit of faxing offers.  That is one of the primary reasons we have our e-fax up and running to this day.

    Every once in a while, we will get a “hand carried” offer dropped off to our offices.  This is a nice touch and reminds both Paris and I when we first started in the real estate business in Santa Clarita back in 1998.  In fact, at that time most offers were submitted in person with the buyer, sellers and agents presents in someone’s meeting room, usually at the seller’s agent’s office…

    How we like offers submitted on our sellers listingsTypical delivery methods are via email.  Usually written on a computer, scanned, then emailed to our “offers (at) paris911.com” email address.  This way both Paris and I receive the offer on our sellers listing – plus it’s received by our Administrative Assistant – Sarah, too.

    But never have we received an offer as we send them to other real estate agents.  By Video!!!  (of course, we have not received one as of the date of this Santa Clarita real estate blog post 🙂 ) – I’d expect changes on that front after other real estate agents read this writing…

    Of all the bids we have won for our clients, the most memorable were the ones where we have used video, in their submitting.  Offers from the Paris911 Team, where we use video, have been some of the most talked about in real estate circles.  Plus, it does a great job introducing us to the other agent, if by happenstance we do not know them.

    I know it makes a HUGE difference when months later, at some “function”, we run into someone I don’t recognize, but proceeds to tell us that they remember us by the Video Offering Email we sent to them about their sellers listing.

    With encounters and comments like that by other real estate agents’, I’m surprised all real estate agents are not using video email as their number one platform in submitting offers for their clients.

    Plus it gives us a chance to humbly approach the sellers real estate agent without all of ego that may be contained on paper.  “Number 1 Real Estate agent – Voted Number 1 Real Estate Team – Top Sales Woman in the SCV – Number 1 SCV agent for the past 10 years…”  Contained in a fax or offering cover-sheet, the agents usually have their “Territorial marks” established by the preceding statements.

    On our Video, the other agent will see me and some of our social networking memberships, which they do usually join to see what we are up too.  They will also get a heart warming rendition as I describe my buyers and how they are going to be a  Great Fit for the sellers home.

    That brings me to “social media(SM) for Realtors“, something that is worth talking about is the local “SM Venues”  that Santa Clarita real estate agents frequent on-line.  They love Active Rain.  They really enjoy Google+.  FaceBook is a no brainier.  Twitter is typically used also.

    We we write an offer for our clients – we package that offer – We send it via regular email, We sent it via video email, we drop it off at the other agent’s office, we also advise them via personal messages on each of their social networks.

    With all of the noise in the world – it’s is an agent’s duty to rise above it, especially when their clients have so much riding on them!!!

    Share this with your real estate agent, it may help you in such a constrictive and “lacking of inventory” real estate market when you are prepared to put pen to paper….


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