Agent to Agent contact some fail to pass the test

    Santa Clarita real estate agentsThe test in real life is where one real estate agent is being able to communicate with another real estate agent.

    They need to do so on for the benefit of their clients.

    Some don’t do this well. Some have the communication skills of a stone.

    Unless it’s thrown at you, you can’t hear it talking… 🙂

    If you are a real estate seller, it maybe that your real estate agent is unable to contact the agent representing the buyer. The buyer which you are in escrow with and in which their agent has gone dark. Realistically, the real estate buyer who has their own representative should not be contacted by your agent. However, their agent should be available and contactable.

    As a real estate buyer, the seller’s agent owes your agent the same level of communication. They should be ready to take this real estate business seriously and not “go dark”. While we work just about 24/7, weekends, holidays and during times of sickness, I am not saying all other real estate agents should adhere to the same work ethic. They should be able to respond within 3 hours…

    Even if it’s bad news – tell me. Don’t hide from me. That is not going to help our sellers and buyers in real estate. Man Up!!! – Tell me…

    Also, Real Estate Technology, it’s great and it’s here to stay and it keeps changing. Fellow Agents – learn it and get it.


    Most other agents do, and those who don’t are doing their real estate clients a disservice by not utilizing the latest technology.  I’m talking about Docusign or other online document certifying and signing service. I’m talking about scanners versus faxes. I’m talking about cloud computing and not storing information on a laptop or desktop you need access to to retrieve and forward documents.

    I’m talking about getting better at texting others. Being more responsive when someone reaches out. At least responding by text if you are uncomfortable speaking with other agents on the phone.

    BTW – those one word responses to open ended questions on text, those won’t do. Get a bigger keyboard or entry device for your phone or click the microphone and let it transcribe your response into text.

    We had a transaction with an agent out of Simi Valley. He never received the offer we sent on our clients behalf. Before you think we only sent it one way, we did not.

    I emailed it – tried to confirm receipt – he never got it. I sent it to his staff, they never got it. I sent it to his broker, it was never received. Although I have BombBomb email notifications which said those emails were opened, they said they never received it.

    I used a link from my Google Drive and sent it to him and his staff, plus his broker. I sent from other email accounts on different systems. Google, Live, Yahoo, and ME…  and still nothing…

    I faxed it – they never received it, so they said, although I had confirmation of transmission on my side.

    I dropped it off with the receptionist – they would not give me any type of receipt, the agent stated they never received it.

    Of course I tried to meet with the agent face to face. He was not in and I did not have a tracker installed in his neck – unfortunately 🙁

    BTW – I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer – but I know when I’m getting played and this should never happen to anyone in the real estate business. I won’t forget for sure, but I would never thwart the chances and desires of my real estate buyers and sellers by attempting to “return the favor!”…

    This happens – but never should happen. We should be able to speak with one another about our clients  to get the best job done for them.

    While most real estate agents are of the communicative type, we still have some “arrogant andy’s” around and they are unwilling to play ball because they have outgrown their own ego’s.

    Sellers should ask their agent questions about how they communicate with others. If the agent says they are too busy trying to find buyers for their home, that’s why they have a “scheduling service, be warned – this will reduce the amount of showings your home will receive.

    Those of you who are buying real estate, you also need to make sure your agent is making the calls before they start running you around looking at real estate listings. There needs to be certain questions asked in order to make sure the seller’s home is qualified for the buyer. These things cannot be listed on a MLS, multiple listing service, data entry sheet. They need to be verbalized between Agents.

    That is where I’m going to leave you today with our SCV661 and Paris911 real estate update. We are REMAX of Santa Clarita and REMAX of Valencia. I’m Connor Macivor with and I’m glad to be of service to you.

    Please let me know how I may help you with everything that is real estate. I’m Proud to be of service.

    Paris and Connor MacIvor

    Connor and Paris MacIvor are in the Top 1% of Realtors Nationwide, starting their real estate business in 1998 with RE/MAX Gateway - Santa Clarita Valley and Valencia CA. Their becoming licensed real estate consultants and representatives came from the horrible experience they had when they bought their first home. There were many things that the agent they had hired did not explain and disclose, which per law he should have. Getting that agent on the phone after they closed escrow and after he had gotten paid was impossible. Paris and Connor called the broker, the board of realtors, the office manager and all they received was the promise of a phone call back. The remedy did come, but not as fast and in the way they wanted. That act - that bad agent was the reason why Paris and Connor became Realtors. That was all they needed to vow to never let the same fate befall anyone else, that befell them. Today Connor and Paris are focused on client service. Protection and top-shelf service with regard to their real estate clientele. They primarily work within the Santa Clarita Valley and Valencia CA. However, for a referral, where 80+ of their business is referrals they have License and Will Travel to other parts of Ventura County, Los Angeles County, and Orange County to handle real estate transactions for those who trust their real estate operation. Writing on their Real Estate Blog is a passion. is where you will find over 10,000 real estate articles. Go to to listen to their latest real estate radio broadcast.
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