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    A bone to pick over Craigslist and Real Estate Advertisements

    There is no doubt that there is Value being added to Craigslist and their Real Estate for Sale by Broker Section.  I know this because I am a very active participant in the program.

    I have other agents that allow me to advertise their listings and they also are granted full access to our personal listing inventory. Most don’t utilize Craigslist Personally 🙁   They might hire people to work their listings and enter them into different Real Estate sites on the WWW.  But Craigslist is quite a fantastic tool for assisting these other agent’s sellers and our sellers with finding “qualified” buyers for their listings.

    Today I spoke with the companies who’s product I employ in the coding and uploading for Real Estate listings onto Craigslist.  I had some ideas about their platform and asked if I would be allowed to pitch. I was granted the time, as I always have been, by this very attentive and Forward thinking company.

    I have called before and had planned, as I have in the past, to formulate an email with my ideas and suggestions.  You see, Real Estate is not about a Silver Bullet or secret sauce.  Real Estate, being successful at Real Estate, is about Hard Work, Determination and Pig Headed Discipline.

    Ad Maker Tool is merely a conduit – a service that assists our Santa Clarita Real Estate Team to its goal.  We are able to give buyers

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    that are Searching for Real Estate on Craigslist and Backpage what they want.  Current, on market, active listings that might be exactly what they are looking for.

    Not everyone is up to speed on the Local Agents Multiple listing searches.  Some are hoping for that great deal, as they have heard uttered from friends and family, on Craigslist.

    Value to Craigslist – I would say we do our part. We upload the newest listings that are on the Real Estate market for sale. We also upload our Market Snapshot Home Valuation and Pricing resources.

    Craigslist does not send me any specific data as to whom is using their service when they are viewing the listings that I have posted.  It is searching without a users concern with being called, contacted and pressured into doing anything.  A simple and clean interface – I believe that adds to the attraction of Craigslist.

    If you are a Real Estate Agent – you can utilize my link to the Ad Maker Tool. This way I receive compensation to recommend their Craigslist Tool.  But, as you know, you don’t have too – go straight to Ad Maker Tool (dot) com and you can bypass my affiliate link (no worries – you will still get the traffic, click thru’s and more sellers and buyers 🙂

    However, you using my link is not why I am posting this.  I believe in their product and have seen Double the traffic, as a

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    result of working with their system, to our Real Estate Websites and Blogs.  From just over 4K in unique visits to our sites according to Google Analytics – to well over 11,000 unique visitors to our Real Estate Resource sites.  (30 Day History)

    I do the data upload myself.  I have considered hiring someone to do it for me – but I know they won’t take care as I do, keeping the data pure without any corruption.  It is my business and reputation on the line with Homes, Condo’s and Town-homes that I post on Craigslist.  Our sellers depend on our accuracy – The other agents that so graciously allow me to advertise their Sellers Listings do as well.

    A Side Note – The person that called in anger about my postings – called both Paris and I today, “out of the blue”.  He was asking non-related questions and when I mentioned that I had just gotten off of the phone with the company – unlike the usual inquiry, “Craigslist – how are you, what do you do, how can I?” –  The topic was brushed aside.  I learned a long time ago that usually those that are quick to anger and report “untruth’s” about another are quick to reveal themselves.

    He did sign up for a Free Trial membership with AD Maker Tool – I wish his success without any hard feelings 🙂

    Final Word – Proof in the pudding!  Have you ever worked with a pay per click

    campaign?  To let you know, a local campaign with the keyword phrase “Santa Clarita Real Estate” can go as high as $3.00+ per click.  Have a gander at the stats above taken from the Ad Maker Tool System backend.

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