8 New Valencia CA real estate listings 4 worth talking about

    Good Day everyone, Connor MacIvor here. Your local Realtor with REMAX of Valencia.

    Today, I have been monitoring the early AM market and have seen that we have eight listings that have hit the Valencia CA real estate market for sale. These 8 homes entered the re-sale realty market within the last 24 hours.

    On that same page, within the Valencia CA area for real estate, you will also see the open houses which are going to be held in close proximity to today.

    By the Way – in regards to the links you will see in “light blue” on this page. I have linked those areas back to the listings and pages within the SCVnest real estate website. If you click on the link and don’t see any real estate listings, that means they have sold or are within escrow. I don’t like those real estate websites that mislead, you don’t find those tricks on SCVnest.com, I have a reputation to keep!

    8 Valencia CA Real Estate Listings

    Here is the link to the new Valencia CA listings

    We have seen that more inexpensive condos/town-homes have entered the Valencia real estate market in the last 24 hours.

    1 – Old Orchard Condos – OORC is the condo code with the Board of Realtors. These are great entry level Valencia real estate. In fact, when Paris and I first moved to the Santa Clarita Valley, we were just down and across the street from where these were located. I remember my, now eldest, son walking with me to the swing set which was next to the park – across that street were the Old Orchard Condos in Valencia.

    The listing that just entered the real estate market for sale in Valencia is priced at $240,000 and has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. When you look at the size of the land, you will see 9.72 Acres – due to this being a condo and sharing the land with other units, that is the size for the entire development – FYI. This is going to be a double master bedroom/bathroom situation. With a living room in the middle. What could be bad – they were built in 1969, the same year I was born 🙂

    2 – Fairways Town-homes Valencia – I really love these – located in Valencia CA – they are very close to the Trevino golf course. Lots of walking to nearby businesses. Also, these make great investment properties too. They are located on the back side of Cal Arts! However, the “rental thing” maybe a future thought. To live here, awesome too. You can walk up the street to one of the best bar’s in the SCV, get your hair cut at Apollos Barber Shop(fun times), or go to an awesome Church 🙂 College of the Canyons is also within walking distance from the Valencia Fairways.

    If you want get on the “notification” list for new listings in any areas within Valencia or Santa Clarita Cities, all you have to do is hit me up and I’ll take care of it.

    This way you won’t be spammed and you will be getting the real estate listing notification when I do as a Licensed Realtor.

    You can enter an address of a home you like and I’ll set the search up to send you all of those in the same exact city and tract. That way you won’t miss anything that enters the re-sale market. That helps in a market like the one we have been experiencing for the past few years, little real estate inventory and a high Valencia CA hone buyer demand.

    3 – Vista Valencia VVAL – Gated Town-home living anyone? This is where it comes together. I remember selling a few of these, even one as a short sale. In fact, another memory comes to my mind when we were representing Citi Bank in the sales of their REO’s – we had a couple in here as well. It was tough getting access through the gate – that’s a good thing from a security standpoint and I’m all about security.

    Something that you will notice, as I give descriptions about the real estate listings, is I’m speaking about town-homes without a definition. To remind you a condo or condominium is a single level, usually does not have the garage attached or a garage at all. Condos typically share walls, or ceilings, or floors (all three) with the surrounding units.

    Town-homes are those types of real estate which are more than one story, don’t share ceilings or floors with other units and have a backyard space, in most cases. Depending on how the unit has been joined with the others, there maybe cause for concern or not. Think noice and insurance claims.

    When living in a Condo or Town-home in Valencia, most of our buyers want to get on the top level if it’s a condo. They want to be an end unit if they are seeking a town-home. Those searches are easy for me to do, just let me know what you are looking for.

    4 – Valencia Summit – VSUM, probably the area in Valencia CA I like the most. We have lived here once and are coming back soon. (crossing fingers – closing Friday 9/29) – Driving through the summits of Valencia reminds me of Christmas. I don’t know why – but it brings happy memories when things in life weren’t as complicated – parents were will still alive and my eldest was Cancer Free. What can I say, life has a way of getting complicated, I am glad for the strength God gave me and continues to offer.

    There are 4 housing types in the summits of Valencia.

    1. The Windemere
    2. The Chelsea
    3. The San Marino
    4. The Stratford Collection

    Again, if you click on these Specific Valencia CA housing links to the properties in the Summits and you get a blank return – that means there are ZERO active real estate listings in those specific areas – fyi.

    Each of these Summit’s Builds are vastly different from the others. The large single family homes 5+ bedrooms and 5+ bathrooms are the Windemere.

    The Chelsea are also large homes with a different elevation and are a bit less than their Windemere counterparts.

    The San Marino homes are smaller single family residences which have a specific elevation – orange Spanish tile roofs and white exteriors. They are extremely cozy with formal laundry rooms and attached garages. Depending on location within the San Marinos, some of the backyards are palatial.

    The Stratford Collection – Gated Luxury Town-home living at the top of the Summits in Valencia. These units have great floor plans and are exceptional homes.

    If you are wondering what your Summit Home is Worth. I have that resource that will give you the information in a safe manner. You don’t have to worry yourself regarding any of your personal and private information being sold or traded to another (or anyone else for that matter). All your personal and private information will be kept in my kung fu grip. For I want you to utilize my services when you are ready to do anything real estate related.

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    Paris and Connor MacIvor

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