7 Santa Clarita home seller must dos before listing their home

    Selling a home in today’s real estate market is not tough. Sellers don’t want to “spend money” to get their homes ready for sale.

    However, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    Here is my Top 7 List for home sellers before they list their homes for sale.

    Cost of Inspections approximately $500.00

    Monetary Benefit of Inspections in the way of buyer proceeds: >$5000.00 

    As you are able to see, having the documentation from these inspections being part of the presentation when the home is being shown equates to big profit.

    This will also be brought to the attention of the appraiser. If the buyer does not appreciate 100% what the seller has done by adhering to my Top 7 Seller Prep List, undoubtedly the appraiser will.

    This shows true pride of ownership. This also shows the best of intentions. By taking these 7 steps a real estate seller is sending good vibes stating they are proud of what they are selling and they want the buyers to also be proud of the real estate that they are buying.


    This rare seller gesture says to the home buyers, “Yeah, this is my home, there are many like it, but this one is mine and you want to buy it. It’s GREAT and I’m 200% confident you will be as happy here as I was…”

    Get your home inspected

    This type of pre-listing strategy is also known as Full Disclosure. The unknown items which you were not aware of will now share in the responsibility of being discovered and potentially repaired.

    During the escrow, the home buyer is going to be conducting their inspections and investigations. It will mean a lot if you chose to get your own “sellers” home inspection report.

    You can also use your report in Conjunction with the buyer’s home inspection report to see if anything causes you to be concerned. Example, if the buyer’s report states that “Big Issue A” exists and Sellers home inspection report does not mention “Big Issue A”,  you can call your home inspector and what you will usually hear, is “Big Issue A”, ridiculous…

    Gather all appliance and fixture guides

    There is nothing better than a buyer’s face that gets handed a stack of documents, booklets, and pamphlets of the items installed in the home after the sellers took possession. This shows the sellers attention to detail and that equates to warm buyer sentiment.

    Update and Refresh HVAC system

    Do you know how often the filters on the AC and Heater should be replaced? If you listen to the companies that make those filters, at least every two months. If there are special needs folks in the home, even monthly.

    That isn’t the only thing that needs to be done, so hire a professional who can “write it up”. The professional can also re-charge the system, realign any fallen duct work and also ensure all is functional and in working order.

    Roof Inspection

    This one I do yearly because of having gutters with large trees. Roof tiles slip with seismic occurrences and large trucks driving by. Roof tiles crack when it’s been hot out and when they get wet by rain, cooling up or heating up fast, or due to age.

    Once those tiles start to slip or crack to expose the waterproof barrier between the tiles and the plywood, it’s only a matter of time until leaks start.

    It’s better to have this handled as part of ongoing maintenance when you own a home. Of course, there are roof’s made of other materials, asphalt and composite roofs. If you don’t have gutters or large trees you may be able to have your roof inspected only every few years. Before going into the real estate market it’s a good practice to have a fresh report in hand.

    Q-Tip Clean

    There is your clean, which unless you are a Firefighter, is different than q-tip clean. You want every drawer cleaned out and freshened up, then leave the stuff out if possible.

    The scents you use maybe red flags. Only use Febreze, original scent. It has got to be “original” scent! They can be super strong, just as long as they aren’t adding any additional scents.

    Get into the corners in the closets. Behind the washer and dryer.

    Inside of the window troughs where dust and lots of crud from the accumulation over the years can be seen.

    You want the home cleaner than it ever has been before.

    Very Important:

    Return rooms to the original purpose

    If you turned the downstairs bedroom into an office. Change it back to the originally intended room. The same applies to those “closed up spaces” that was part of the garage. You want it to be the garage again.

     Termite Inspection

    Until recently the seller had little choice than to pay this fee. For the termite inspection fee then also taxed with the cost of those repairs.

    Before the home seller did not have much of a choice without the home buyers blessing. Today the tables have turned with most items being up to discussion.

    Pandora’s Box

    Could the seller taking charge and getting these items done open pandora’s box? Sure, but if they don’t the proverbial box will be fully open at some point.

    When I used to teach shooting on the move classes and was playing the bad guy. During a traffic stop, I’d run at the cop pulling me over with guns a blazing. The cops that returned the favor always survived.

    Those who cowered retreated or froze always did not survive that scenario.

    I’m Connor MacIvor and these are the seven must-dos for every Santa Clarita and Valencia CA homes.

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