6 Reasons I love millennial clients as first time buyers

    Santa Clarita millennial home buyersHow I love millennial clients as first time buyers, let me count the ways…

    1 – They trust no one

    Most millennials are like the cops we represent. I was a cop and I trusted no one. That trust was hard earned by those whom I dealt with. Millennials are very similar. With all of the B.S. they read online about “The tips, The best ways, the top suggestions”, they know B.S. when they encounter it.

    Once you gain a Millennials trust, you are golden within all their circles and spheres of influence.

    2 – They like a straight shooter

    They don’t like the emotional pillow talk. They don’t want to be dined then bedded down. They what to accomplish their goal of buying real estate.

    If an agent tries to mislead or give them a “too to be true scenario”, they will call them on it and shut down the relationship.

    Hearing it like it is allows the millennial to deal with it and solve it or move on.

    3 – DIYers

    Millennials are more like a traditional Do it Yourselfer than other generations. They are in the game and vette things themselves.

    They also are not scared of buying a home that needs a bit of work, if that home is able to be purchased for less than Fair Market Value.

    4 – Not Hard Liners

    By no means do I mean millennials are push overs. Quite the contrary, they are those who know what they want and will not be taken advantage of.

    However, they are open to compromise on all fronts. If they have a seller who has some type of hardship, they get it and will be malleable. If the need to schedule some inspection and if the seller is unable, for a good reason, to accomodate, they adjust.

    If they ask the seller to repair an item and if the seller wants to grant a credit, they are able to work with that too.

    5 – More investor than first time buyer

    Millennials look at the prospect of owning real estate more as an investment than your traditional owner occupant.

    They want to enjoy what they are buying, but they are very numbers oriented and want to get figures on potential re-sale and rentability.

    For example, if a millennial looks at a non upgraded or non updated home, they are going to ask about what improvements/updates will increase the value the most for the least amount of money/investment. ¬†They are asking not because they are going to flip or hold and rent. They are asking because they are “value oriented” and thinking of what the future will reveal re: their investment.

    6 – Frugal but not Impossible

    While you will rarely see a millennial first time buyer over extend themselves when it comes to buying more than they can afford, they understand value too.

    They want the numbers. How much is the property really worth? What homes have sold in the past 6 months and which were most comparable to the home they are interested in?

    Penciling out the advantages of what they are bringing to the table, financially, they approach real estate in an utmost Fair and Equitable Way.

    These are the 6 reasons why I love Millennial Home Buyers. It’s honoring when they choose to work with me, as I honor all home buyers and sellers.

    I’m just glad I get them and they get me.

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