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    • 551 active real estate listings today in the Santa Clarita Valley cities

    551 active real estate listings today in the Santa Clarita Valley cities

    We did our Santa Clarita real estate market recap during our Radio Show This AM and showed 551 total active listings.

    I also gave a bit of an explanation of what active listings are versus those that may appear active, but are in Back Up Position.

    During the show I commented that you can get more information as to what the real estate statuses mean by heading to the Main Santa Clarita avoid traps in Santa Clarita real estatereal estate website and by typing those terms into the MacBoX.

    Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

    We also talked about the Foreclosures – while we are returning to a somewhat “normal” market with reference to the amount of Foreclosures, the Short sales and Pre foreclosure filings are still occurring.

    There are also a lot of properties that entered escrow during when the time when the “investors” were hot and heavy into real estate that are finishing up and concluding escrow now.

    Just a Reminder – there are a lot of people that have become “right side up” with reference to their equity on their residential real estate.

    They are happy to be in those positions and have listed their homes for sale.  Instead of having to do a short sale, they are now in the “standard” sale realm.

    Here are a couple of BETTER Santa Clarita City Search resources for Stevenson Ranch and Valencia CA:

    However, there are still some of the Santa Clarita residents and those in the Greater Los Angeles Areas that are still underwater and have a hardship or a strategy, needing to short sale.

    Time is coming to an end for the “debt forgiveness” act – that Drop Dead Date is December 31, 2013.

    So, if you are going to short sale, you need to get on the phone and start contacting a local Realtor that knows their way around the Short Sale Negotiation arena.

    If you are local to the Greater Los Angeles Areas, including within the Santa Clarita Valley – call us without delay.  It’s probable that the debt forgiveness act will not be extended past the end of this year and even more probable that a Short Sale Expert could not conclude a new short sale listing and sale by December 31, 2013.  

    All depends on the bank or banks involved and how “in order” is the paperwork needed to start the short sale process.

    Be safe – search well and thanks for reading about our Daily News for Santa Clarita real estate.  We are very appreciative…

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      • Connor T. MacIvor

        Written on

        It is, but I don’t know for how much longer. The buyers are starting to hold an advantage because almost all, at this point, are owner occupant with the major investor pull back in August/sept. Once we start getting more inventory, or as it continues to built, we will see a change from a sellers market to a buyers market…


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