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    5 of the most prevalent lies in Santa Clarita real estate by local SCV real estate agents

    I love providing resources for our clients to search for Santa Clarita real estate that is for sale.  I also love a level playing field amongst those that are buying real estate in a constrictive market.

    However, the thing that I cannot stand, even today, is the dishonesty that rears it’s ugly head all too often in the industry of real estate.

    santa clarita real estate sellersIf our clients don’t have a chance with their VA or FHA offer – be upfront.

    If a real estate buyer has written an offer after your seller has chose one – let their agent know before they write the offer.

    Don’t tell people that they’d be better off using your real estate services with a specific home, when it’s not true.

    Don’t tell unsuspecting buyers that a home is ready for their offer, if/when penned by you, when the home is not even for sale any longer.

    Finally, don’t lie to a real estate buyer about how the seller wants their true name and email address at the home you are hosting open – tell them the truth(you want to spam them 🙁  )

    I gave you five – there are many more – but as a buyer in the world of Santa Clarita real estate, you may want to watch out for some of these doozies.

    Get an agent you trust – ask them questions, we have posted up some great Realtor interview Questions that will separate the wheat from the chaff.

    On this update – we have recorded a podcast yesterday about short sales. A Short Sale is an event when a property owner decided – themselves – or my another means, they can no longer afford (make the payment) on their home, condo or town-home.

    If that strikes a chord in you and if you have been contemplating the Santa Clarita short sale process – take heed and relax, because The Paris911 at REMAX has your back. (has you covered) – (we have your protected), extra meanings thrown in for those of you that don’t Habla Cop Talk.

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