4 Tips for Buying a Santa Clarita Home

    Santa Clarita home BuyersDecisions Decisions…

    Decide on which Santa Clarita Valley city you want to live in. Or put pen to paper and make a list of what your needs are, which may be city dependent.

    Santa Clarita Valley consists of 6 cities.

    • Valencia
    • Stevenson Ranch
    • Saugus
    • Newhall
    • Castaic
    • Canyon Country
    • (for good measure, most also add Agua Dulce and Acton)

    Specific City Needs I’m speaking about things like if you need to be close to the mall, you will be choosing to live in Valencia.  If you want to be the first exit off of the freeway in the Santa Clarita Valley your choices will be limited to either Newhall(14 Freeway) or Stevenson Ranch(5 Freeway). Maybe you want to be living close the the freeway but commute North of Los Angeles County. Then your choice will be Castaic.  Larger Homes with a lower price per square foot, one maybe looking at Canyon Country and Saugus in some cases.

    Of course if kids are in the picture, schools, the location and ranking will be something you are looking for. A Qualified Realtor can assist you with all of these considerations.

    Of course, you may find that multiple Santa Clarita Valley cities fit your needs. Then we will need to move along to tip number 3 on Buying a Santa Clarita Valley Home.

    Comfort versus Qualification Amount

    Getting pre qualified by a real estate lender is one of the best beginning steps you can take if you are wanting to buy Santa Clarita real estate.

    The lender maybe able to give you a quick idea, after speaking with you over the phone, what you qualify for. However, they are going to need to review all of your necessary documentation before being able to fully give you their Green Light. In most cases this takes a few days to a week after they receive from you all of the documentation they requested.

    After you get Blessed(approved), they will then give you what your payment will be with different scenarios. Example, a home located in Valencia, which costs $567,000 with a $119.00 a month Home Owners Association, without Mello Roos, will have a payment of $3505.00 a month.

    This is at a 4.5 percent interest rate. You will need to put down almost 20k if you get the seller to pay for the rest of your closing costs.

    While you may be “Approved” for a home costing $567,000.00, maybe that is too heavy for you to have become a monthly burden. Maybe you would rather have your payment at $3,000 a month instead of $3505.00 a month. Then you need to ask the lender what price range you should be looking at for a payment of closer to $3,000.00 a month.

    The Search for a Santa Clarita Home begins…

    Where you are searching for homes and real estate online is going to make a huge difference to your stress level during the home buying process.

    You should be able to rely on your chosen Santa Clarita real estate professional to get the newest listings to you As Soon As they hit the SCV market for sale.

    However, most of our clients want access to search too. We provide this in two ways. Either our MLS dependent real estate website. (MLS – multiple listing service is where the real estate listings are uploaded to by the ALL The realtors that list them for sale online). or Via our Santa Clarita real estate APP.

    Other online systems for Santa Clarita home search have other “purposes” in mind. Other than getting you the freshest real estate listings as soon as they hit the market for sale. They rely on being able to get you to give up who you are and to sell that information to real estate agents, solar companies, insurance agents, financial institutions, and others.

    Don’t fall for their online games and stick to the local real estate agent’s search engines and systems.

    Here are our Home Search Systems for Santa Clarita Valley:

    Search online from our Santa Clarita real estate website

    Download our Santa Clarita home search app

    Due Diligence when it comes to Buying Real Estate (3 Steps)

    Viewing the homes and real estate in Santa Clarita Valley, having a qualified Realtor write offers and getting those offers accepted for your best deal – that is something a Top Realtor will be able to walk you through seamlessly.

    This Tip is something that came to me due to my past experience with the LAPD. In fact, a lot of our real estate clients are from those “sworn” areas of employment and are very aware of their surroundings.

    This tip will serve the civilian population well, as we have seen during our stint Selling Santa Clarita Valley real estate since 1998.

    Don’t be shy. When you find that home, when you write that offer, when you are in escrow, before you pay for an appraisal and home inspection. Take all of those who are going to be living in the home and door knock the neighbors homes. The neighbors to the side, the three neighbors to the front, the neighbors to the rear, all neighbors homes whose property lines interact with yours. You’ll eventually find the “chatty Kathy or Ken” of the neighborhood and you will get all of the insider information.

    1.  Tell them for example, “Hi, I’m John and this is my wife Kevin, We are moving in next door and were wondering what you could tell us about the neighborhood?”

    2.  Google the Address of the home you are buying. See what pops up.

    3.  Call the local law enforcement agency and talk to the desk person or area detective. Give them the address and ask they if they’d live there and why or why not.

    Final Word When buying Santa Clarita real estate

    This is not included in the four tips to Buying a Santa Clarita Valley Home, but it’s important. Before embarking on buying real estate, you need a game plan.

    You need an expert Realtor to guide you through the entire process before looking at home number one. Crash Course for Real Estate Buyers in Santa Clarita

    That is what I do in my offices with every single client who want to hire me to represent them in buying real estate. BTW, you don’t pay me when buying a home through me. I have access to all homes for sale, including new homes.

    My services when buying real estate are FREE for my Home Buyers. It will pay off to hire a professional Realtor who depends 100% on their clients for survival in the world.

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