3 positives and 3 negatives related to buying a New Santa Clarita Built Home

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    We have been representing home buyers at all new construction sites within the Santa Clarita Valley cities and see the attraction.

    Search all Calfornia New Home Builder Communities (if you see something, I’ll take you and represent you for free.)

    Where you may see limited inventory within the regular Santa Clarita re-sale market, buying a New Built Santa Clarita home maybe only about waiting.

    Of course, this is where we come in and are instrumental in buying a new home. We have our “ways” and know the builder’s representatives lingo. Most of the time the builder is hiring real estate agents to represent them in the interest and in the sale of their newly built homes, condos, and townhomes.

    Those agents may have worked regular re-sale at some point, saw a better opportunity at new housing due to it being more “certain” of a paycheck. Some of the new home agents have never worked residential re-sale and will work their entire lives with the various new home builders in Southern California. “Have license will travel”, being their mantra.

    Either way, you want to have your own representative to make sure you are being dealt with straight. No games, no smoke or mirrors and an agent with a full disclosure attitude. If you know, then you can make better decisions. If the new home builder’s agent is hiding the fact there are additional taxes due each year, and if you don’t read the small print and find them on your own, you may find yourself in a financial bind.

    We ensure that our clients know everything. How much, how often and all other aspects related to their purchase of a new-built home in the Santa Clarita Valley and within the Greater Los Angeles Communities. By the way, our services, as with buying any home, are free to utilize when wanting to buy a new Santa Clarita – Valencia – California home. The builders pay us to represent you as they pay their agent to represent them.

    Let’s start with the apparent negatives of buying a New Built Santa Clarita Home

    The Negatives:

    1. Not tested – the new home has not been tested for defects that only “time” reveals. It could be there was improper flashing installed over a particular window at the back of the residence. This may have been missed by one of the inspectors before the exterior boarding was installed. If it’s been a while since the last rain, this may come to found out during the next rain – depending on when that is and how hard it rains. We have seen scenarios such as this and if the new home is still within the “warranty” time frame, the buyers are good to go.
    2. Uncertain Time Elements – re-sale homes close pretty close to the timeframes on the contract. If they don’t then it’s mostly a lender problem with pre-funding conditions that are demanded by the actual money lender. At the New Santa Clarita Homes and builders, we have seen delays taking additional months to have the home completed. This creates stress for the new home buyer and depends on things typically outside of their control. Inspections by the city permits being delayed or worker slowdown due to economic factors. All of these items can equate to a rocky closing.
    3. Landscape and Hardscape – It’s nice making your yard how you want it. However, the cost of doing hardscape and landscape can get pricey. Also, the fact that most new construction sites have Home Owners Associations may increase the likelihood there is a time restriction on having it completed. Most of the new home builders we deal with have a 6-month time frame for front hardscape and 6 months for the backyard. Most resale homes in the Santa Clarita – Valencia areas have mature foliage and the hardscape has already been done.

    Here are the positives you will have when buying a New Santa Clarita home

    The Positives:

    1. Financing incentives – Most of the new homes will give some sort of bonus if you use their lender to get your financing through. The “bonus” will come in the form of closing cost credits or in additional upgrade credits. Having us represent you can equate to the seller coming down on the sales price or lot premium (we do it all the time because we know the right way to ask).  Make sure you pay attention to the other “terms” of the new home lender, we watch out for that when working with our clients. It could be their interest rate is much more than using a lender we know or your own bank. (double check)
    2. New is Nice – There is no getting beyond it – A new home smells in some ways like a new car. New paint, carpet, new flooring glue, silicone, tile grout and other things. New homes feel particularly custom. Because a new home buyer can select some of the items their home will have. And of course, money is the only limit to having a plethora of upgrades installed. Most of the new home builders will also offer “bonus” rooms and spaces at an additional cost to the new home buyer. Some of those “upgrades” are worth doing during the construction phase. Other’s are not and will not add to the resale value or can be done at another time for a much less expense.
    3. Warranty – With resale, you can have the seller pay, which is customary, for a home warranty. That will need to be renewed when a year passes. With new housing and the new construction builders homes in the Santa Clarita Valley cities, we see most are giving a 10-year warranty on the home – bumper to bumper 🙂 – Top to the floor – etc. The appliances will each carry their own warranty – most 90 days to 1 year. The new homes will come with all of those appliance booklets and warranty registration cards. Just make sure you keep track of the site foreman’s phone number and name. Also, if you are buying close to the last phase ensure you know the numbers of the home builder’s warranty department, JIC.

    Of course, there are many more positives and negatives when it comes to buying a newly built home at a new construction site. Whether in Santa Clarita – Valencia CA or Elsewhere in So. Cal. Each is different and vary from builder to builder.

    Some builders are very helpful after closing and some are not. When we represent our home buyers with new homes and are part of the transaction, we have had to play enforcer after closing when it came to our buyers not getting adequate attention after they moved in.

    It works because we bring a lot of home buyers and represent them with the new home builders. They don’t want to lose us as a referral base, they end up calling back and being of much better assistance.

    Currently, in the Santa Clarita Valley 5/22/2018, there are 13 new home communities which you are able to view on my Safe New Home Site – NewSantaClaritahomes.com

    To add to that, if you are interested in New homes in Porter Ranch – I have those listed on our New Home Site as well.

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    Be sure to check out our new home website for those wanting our representation. I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX Gateway in Santa Clarita – Valencia CA. I want to be of great service to you and yours. Ensure you reach out to me directly when you are ready. The first step will be a crash course on real estate, where we will make sure you have a rock solid game plan. Whether it be for a newly built home in the Santa Clarita Valley – other Southern California City, or a resale home. We will be here for you – be safe!

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