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    15 things you can do with a naked Santa Clarita home

    No blushing necessary.  But what do you do if you have a “naked” home?

    There are some easy tips on the “how to deal with a naked home”.

    I’ve given you 30 that I have taken directly from The Paris911 Client’s Mouths.

    1. Paint – custom “earth tone” colors that accent your decor.
    2. Carpet – pulling the current carpet to make it “new” and fresh.
    3. Hardwood Flooring – a higher ticket item.  It can totally expand any room when the planks run in the direction you want to emphasize.
    4. Fixtures – Sink faucets and bathroom fixtures.
    5. Curb Appeal – perennials and other types of landscape decor.
    6. Steaming Concrete – You have no idea what a fresh “steam clean” to your properties surround concrete will do to refresh your curb appeal.
    7. Pine Sol Freshening – The smell’s from prior owners are easily squashed by a mixture of pine-sol being applied to all solid surfaces of your home.
    8. Window Coverings – Shutters are not everyone’s cup of tea.  But some light and bright blinds can change the appearance of your home dramatically.
    9. Kitchen – What about Granite Counters and a custom travertine back-splash.
    10. Accent Lighting – canned lighting and other interior accent lights can dramatically improve a home.
    11. Focused Exterior Lighting – You have no idea how much a small about of LED driven accent lighting can improve your curb appeal without much $$$ at all.
    12. Bathroom Sinks – Have you seen those “bowls on top of counters?”  These upgrades are not as expensive as you might think.  Check Costo and Sams Club. Measure twice and cut once.  Before you haul your new bathroom sink/cabinet combination home.
    13. Crown Molding – this is a dramatic and not too expensive improvement that can be talked about.
    14. Floor Molding – you probably have floor molding of some type already.  It is might be of the 1″ variety.  When you change it to the 5-7″ type – you are changing the impression of your home dramatically.
    15. Wainscoating – Very dramatic and unbelievable representation of a Naked Home.  This improvement adds not only dimension but true value to an existing residence.
    We have talked with our clients and from our experiences with our fantastic buyers – we concluded these 15 were tops on their lists when they were searching for real estate for sale.

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