13 BEST online tricks of Top Santa Clarita real estate listing agents

    BEST Santa Clarita listing agentsWhen it comes to hiring a listing agent and those of us that have been blessed to be at the Top of the Santa Clarita listing agent game, we have several things we do that are “different” than the flock.

    Here are the 13 best uses of online listing advertising, with some of the “disclaimers” thrown in to show the necessity for diversity between online and offline advertising for real estate and homes.

    • Number one – Virtual Tours, a necessity for today’s savvy real estate buyer – if your’s is without one, then you may as well not have your agent list your home for sale.
    • Number two – Single Property Websites, this is something of a futuristic approach to selling real estate in today’s world. These are best prescribed, not by address for the URL, but a URL formatted to give a qualitative answer to the inquiry asked to google, bing or yahoo.

    Examples are:

    • Number three – Craigslist, make sure your real estate agent is using this platform. We get many buyers for our sellers, but this requires more work than most real estate agents are willing to inject into the home selling process. Republishing every 48 hours…
    • Number four – Listing eFlyers, something that is more interactive than just sending a link to the photos. This “way” is going to dependent on your listing agents reach in the world to other agents and in their current “email marketing campaign”.
    • Number five – Real Estate Site Syndication – Most are on a “set it and forget it method”, but there are those that are not “plugged” unless the agent you have hired knows the difference and how to do it.
    • Number six – Blogs – We have over 30 that we actively write on.  This is not a “duplicate content copy and paste” method. This is how we are able to maintain page 1 organic search results on Google, bing and yahoo for our real estate sellers.
    • Number seven – QR Codes – Quick Response, this is something that is not used by my generation.  However, the millennials use the heck out of these.  Just another method of being able to advertise our sellers real estate listings.
    • Number eight – Mobile Websites, if your real estate agents, from their own website, to the other websites they are building with regard to your specific home for sale, are not embracing mobile methods, they are missing the boat and causing you delay in the selling of your real estate listing.
    • Number nine – Facebook, and other social media networks. Realtors are either “good at” facebook or not. Those that are constantly plugging themselves, saying how great they are, are missing the boat and turning people off. However, those that engage and have a following on Facebook or on the other social networks, they are those you want to hire first when it comes to selling your real estate listing.
    • Number ten – YouTube – the number two search engine behind Google. In fact, owned by Google. There is no reason why your real estate listing should not be on this platform in a few different ways. If it’s not, you are missing a cross section of real estate buyers that are capable and may be willing to buy your home.
    • Number eleven – Twitter, 140 characters and more hashtags that most can shake a stick at. There are many buyers that are searching for real estate leaders and the top realtors for various cities on this platform. If your agent is an engage-er and not a spammer on this social network, you are golden.
    • Number twelve – Video Sells Homes, multiple videos in various formats uploaded to the various video websites. YouTube is the bomb – but to have your home’s virtual tour or other accompanying videos on the other video hosting websites could equate to your home showing more than others you are in competition with. 
    • Number thirteen – Landing Pages, I’m about to have a Geekgasm, this is true geek stuff when it comes to advertising your home for sale. With every single real estate listing, we build pages that are sole and separate landing pages where we cultivate many a buyer from. We then show our buyers our sellers real estate listings and connections are made.

    Then there is the “off line” method of real estate advertising – that really rocks as well and covers 100% of all of the bases.

    Don’t have your real estate agent neglect the “Open Houses” with regard to your property.  It’s not enough to say they don’t do Broker open houses – that is something of the past.  But “open houses” for those people that are searching for real estate listings and are not ready to “tie up” with a real estate agent, those are priceless and could equate to a sale of your home 1% or more of the time.

    If 100 people show up at your real estate agent’s open house – It will be sold by one of those visitors if the statistics are right regarding open houses.

    Nothing to lose – but everything to gain, from your real estate agent’s standpoint and those that are viewing the real estate listing that is being held open.

    We are local Santa Clarita Real Estate agents. We list and sell real estate in the Greater Los Angeles Cities. Reach out to our Paris911 Team at REMAX when you are ready.  But before you do, just google Paris911 to see if we are the best fit for you and yours.

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